Catelynn Baltierra's New Tattoo for Baby Vaeda Has a Special Meaning

Catelynn Baltierra

It's been a few weeks since Catelynn Baltierra revealed that she got a new tattoo in honor of her newest daughter, baby Vaeda, and she finally revealed what it looks like. Cate has a tattoo for each of her daughters, but this latest one is extra special, considering the circumstances of Vaeda's birth.

  • Catelynn posted a photo on Instagram of her latest ink.

    She added the caption, "Thank you @lancekellar666 at @lancekellarstudios for doing Vaedas footprint ... we made it a rainbow since she’s our rainbow baby ... it’s almost completely healed!"

    Catelynn and her husband, Tyler Baltierra, got pregnant with Vaeda after suffering a devastating miscarriage that sent her spiraling down a path of suicidal depression. She spent three months in and out of a treatment facility for her mental health, and it definitely took a toll on them as a couple. 

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  • But ever since Ty and Cate welcomed their sweet rainbow baby, they've seemed happier than ever.

    Catelynn suffered postpartum depression after the birth of her second daughter, Nova, in 2015. They are also parents to Carly, whom they gave up for adoption in 2009 after getting pregnant in high school. To say that Cate and Ty have been through a lot is an understatement, and we are so glad that they seem so happy and healthy now. 

  • Tyler also revealed last month that he got his own tattoo for baby Vaeda.

    He stuck with his favorite theme, and got a tattoo of Batman cradling a baby, along with Vaeda's name. 

    He's also been busy singing Cate's praises all over social media as often as possible. In April he posted a collage of them together through the years, and commended her on how far she's come. He wrote, "That woman has been through more in her life than you can fathom. She's a damn warrior. A mother. A wife. A lover. A best friend ... & I just fall more in love her as we grow together. Because even through the roughest of times, our unconditional love for each other ALWAYS guides us back to the top with more visceral strength than before!"

  • We couldn't be happier for Cate and Ty and these two little girls they get to raise themselves.

    Nova obviously adores being a big sister, and Vaeda seems to fit right into the family. We can't wait to watch them grow up in their mama's footsteps as strong women.