20 of Chelsea DeBoer's Most Relatable Mom Moments

Nicole Pomarico | May 17, 2019 TV
20 of Chelsea DeBoer's Most Relatable Mom Moments

Chelsea DeBoer, Aubree Lind DeBoer

When it comes to the ladies of Teen Mom 2, we have to admit that we are always relating to Chelsea DeBoer. She has three beautiful children, a handsome husband who is so sweet to her, and her Instagram photos are forever making us jealous ... but in between all of that, she's also one of the moms who keeps it the most real. Chelsea's never been afraid to share the realities of motherhood, even when they're not pretty or fun to talk about, especially lately, and we totally appreciate being able to laugh with her (or cry with her) in those moments.

Being a mom comes with a lot of ups and downs, and although Chelsea seems to really adore this part of her life, she has plenty of bad days herself. Chelsea and Cole make a pretty good team, but even when she's on her own with the kids, she's still killing it ... and usually making us laugh when she shares the typical issues she runs into along the way. Cranky toddler? Baby that won't go to sleep? We've all been there, and Chelsea is open about it.

There's no doubt that Chelsea is an incredible mom, either. So far, all of Chelsea's kids have turned out to be such sweet, awesome kiddos, and seeing Aubree get older and be so helpful to her mom and cracking jokes with Cole is just proof of that. We all struggle, and the fact that Chelsea is open about those struggles makes us love her even more.

Here are all of Chelsea's most relatable mom moments. Raising three kids -- with two under 2 -- definitely isn't an easy task, but this lady is killing it every step of the way ... and keeping it real while she does it. 

  • Her Anxiety


    At the end of season 9 of Teen Mom 2, Chelsea's been very open about having postpartum anxiety, especially after her house was broken into. This is something that so many women struggle with, so she's definitely not alone. It's terrible that she has to deal with it, too, but it's awesome that she's being so honest about her experience. 

  • The Joys of Taking Family Photos


    "Well ... 1 nice one of me and my girls and 1 attempt at a nice family photo," Chelsea wrote.

    This is pretty much typical -- try to take a photo with three kids at once, and it's almost impossible to get one where all three are smiling and looking at the camera at the same time. Chelsea knows the struggle! 

  • Breastfeeding in the Car 


    We couldn't help but laugh when Chelsea joked about pulling out a boob to breastfeed in the car on Teen Mom 2. But it's not like babies wait until it's convenient to be hungry, and Chelsea and Layne got the job done. It was so easy to sympathize with Chelsea in that moment, because who hasn't been there? 

  • The Stress of Coparenting


    When it comes to coparenting with Aubree's dad, Adam Lind, Chelsea's in a bit of an unusual situation -- it definitely hasn't been easy for her. Adam doesn't show up to visitation a lot of the time, which can be so disappointing for Aubree. But she helps her kiddo get through it and handles this tough situation (and the court dates that come up) like a champ. 

  • Dealing With a Picky Toddler


    This sounds like Watson to us -- and he has good taste, because raspberries are delicious. But every toddler goes through a picky phase (or, you know, remains a picky kid forever), so Chelsea definitely isn't alone. Hopefully, Watson will like more food when he gets older ... but at least raspberries are healthy? 

  • She Struggled With Mastitis 


    She talked about it on the show and she tweeted about it, and anyone who's suffered from mastitis like Chelsea knows exactly how painful it can be. Poor Chelsea! At least she had Cole around, and on the show, she said he was a huge help -- but it's still not a fun thing to deal with.

  • Taking All Three Kids to the Doctor at Once


    We couldn't possibly have felt for Chelsea more than when she took all three of her kids to the doctor because Watson wasn't feeling well. Trying to juggle a big kid, a toddler, and an infant all at once by yourself is no joke, and add in the fact that one of them is sick and it's even more of a challenge. No wonder she was so overwhelmed! 

  • Wanting to Lose Her Baby Weight


    When Chelsea was pregnant with Watson, she took to Twitter with this important question. Although losing weight after giving birth is a personal thing, there's no doubt a lot of moms can relate to wanting to get back in shape after pregnancy. If Chelsea has learned any secret tricks, she should pass them along! 

  • Watson Was Not in the Mood for Photos


    Who wants to stop playing to take a photo? Not this little guy, and definitely not most toddlers his age (and even older). But we get why Chelsea would want to snap a pic -- and we love that she shared this one anyway, even though Watson was clearly not happy. 

  • The Reality of Sleeping With a Baby in Your Bed


    For some reason, mom's bed is a magical place, and it seems like Layne discovered that for herself. It's nice to camp out with mom and dad, but we totally get why Chelsea wanted her bed to herself again! Hopefully, she had some luck getting Layne to sleep in her own room again. Those habits are so hard to kick.

  • When Naptime Did Not Go as Planned

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    Obviously nap time is going well😑

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    Watson was clearly supposed to be napping in this video, but as we all can see, he had other plans. He's definitely not the first kid who's more interested in playing and hanging out than going to sleep, though. It's a good thing he's so adorable! 

  • Always Being Late With Kids 


    Sometimes it's the kids who make everyone late, and sometimes, it's the husband. Whoever's to blame, mamas should get a little extra leeway where punctuality is concerned. It's hard to get everyone out of the house! 

  • The Baby Shark Phenomenon 


    Somehow, no household was safe from "Baby Shark" -- not even Chelsea's. Seems like Watson was a big fan ... and he looked adorable doing the dance. As old as the song gets, at least it made him happy!

  • Dreaming of Breastfeeding Weight Loss 


    Chelsea's right about this one. Those women are magical unicorns. Sadly, it doesn't happen that way for all of us ... but that's life. 

  • The Reality of Bath Time


    This does not at all sound like an appealing way to spend a day, but Chelsea's totally right. Kids make it worth it ... even when they poop in the tub. And at least she can laugh about it, which is important. 

  • She Shared This Relatable Meme

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    On Pinterest, we can all dream so big, but the reality can end up being a little different. And sweats are so comfy! We've gotta give Chelsea credit where credit is due, though -- most of the time her outfits are pretty cute. 

  • She Celebrates the Small Victories


    As we said earlier, dealing with three kids on your own is no joke, especially when one of them is an infant. Chelsea gets props for this achievement! Sometimes, jammies well into the afternoon are just fine as long as everyone is alive.

  • Dealing With a Big Baby Bump


    Things can get uncomfortable toward the end of pregnancy, and that bump just keeps getting in the way. Chelsea couldn't escape that when she was expecting Watson. We loved that she captioned this photo with the hashtag "#largeandincharge." 

  • Pregnancy Brain Is Real


    Pregnancy brain is a very real thing, and it sounds like Chelsea had a pretty bad case of it. We're impressed she managed to hold onto her phone after all of that! And hopefully, Aubree was wrong about the toilet. 

  • Getting the Tea From Aubree


    We've gotta agree with her there -- sometimes, the elementary school drama can be the best kind. And we've seen Aubree tell a story, so we don't doubt that she entertains her mom every time she comes home from school. Share the dirt, Chelsea. We're waiting! 

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