David Eason Reportedly Can't Even Have Supervised Visits With His Kids

David Eason, Jenelle Evans Daughter

Jenelle Evans has reportedly had all her children removed from the home she shares with husband David Eason, after he killed their family dog Nugget. A judge allegedly issued an order to have Ensley and Maryssa (David's daughter from a previous relationship) removed, and according to Radar Online, David's first supervised visit with them did not go well, and he was "thrown out" due his volatile behavior. 

  • A source revealed to the site that Jenelle and David had their first supervised visitation with three of their five collective children on Wednesday.

    "Ensley and Maryssa were there, they’re staying with Maryssa's grandmother," the insider confirmed. Jace, who lives with Barbara Evans, was also reportedly there, but the meeting was too far away for Kaiser to come too. He's been staying with his grandmother, Doris Davidson, since Friday.

    The source shared about the meeting, "David was thrown out because he was arguing with the social workers ... He was causing trouble." They added that Jenelle was "not crying and was not upset at the meeting."

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  • The source claimed that Jenelle lost custody of all three kids after David shot and killed their family pet for nipping at Ensley. 

    The insider shared that a "judge signed off on the request" on Monday to take the kids out of Jenelle's custody. "It included all of the children in the home," the source added.

    Earlier this month, Jenelle confirmed on Instagram that she was "heartbroken" over the death of her dog. In a now-deleted post on his own page, David claimed that he had a right to shoot the dog, saying, "I'm all about protecting my family, it is my life's mission. Some people are worth killing or dying for and my family means that much to me."

    As "proof," David added a video of Nugget nipping at Ensley after the toddler got in the dog's face. Normal people would teach their child how to interact with the family pet, but it's been pretty well documented at this point that David is not exactly normal.

  • Although Jenelle said she was considering divorce in the aftermath of her husband shooting her dog, she's since moved back home and wants to try counseling. 

    We're not sure we totally believe the reports that Ensley and Maryssa have been removed from the home, because Jenelle made a clear statement on Tuesday that there was no court order and that both girls were still home. But considering how violent David has shown himself to be time and again, it likely won't be long before it happens. 

  • How much is Jenelle going to have to lose before she realizes that David is bad news?

    He shot her dog. He got her fired from MTV for her role on Teen Mom 2. Her mom won't let Jace visit her so long as David is there, and CPS allegedly advised Kaiser's grandmother to pick him up from daycare on Friday without telling Jenelle, to take emergency custody of him. 

    David is a threatening man with a short fuse. Jenelle is a grown woman and free to make her own decisions, but she needs to put her kids first and keep them safe.