Jenelle Evans Responds to Rumors She's Losing Custody of Ensley

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans is having a rough month, and according to her, she's "so sick" of it. The former Teen Mom 2 star took to Instagram on Tuesday to respond to rumors that she's now losing custody of 2-year-old Ensley, after it was reported that both of her sons have been removed from the home after her husband David Eason admitted to killing the family dog. 

  • Just in case anyone needs a refresher, it was reported a couple of weeks ago that David shot Jenelle's dog Nugget after he nipped at their toddler daughter.

    In a now-deleted Instagram post, David claimed that he had a right to shoot the dog, saying, "I'm all about protecting my family, it is my life's mission. Some people are worth killing or dying for and my family means that much to me."

    As "proof," David added a video of Nugget nipping at Ensley after the toddler got in the dog's face. Normal people would teach their child how to interact with the family pet, but it's been pretty well documented at this point that David is not exactly normal. 

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  • Since David shot the dog, Jenelle has been fired from MTV, and has had two of her children removed from the home. 

    Her mom, Barbara Evans, has custody of 9-year-old Jace, and Jenelle confirmed this week that she won't let him visit so long as David is still in the house. She also said that Kaiser, 4, has been with Nathan Griffith's mom, Doris Davidson, since last Friday, after CPS allegedly told her to pick him up from daycare without Jenelle's consent. 

  • TMZ reported on Tuesday that Jenelle is also losing custody of 2-year-old Ensley.

    According to the site, CPS was trying to locate David, Jenelle, and Ensley, but authorities were "fearful of entering their property because they believe David is extremely dangerous." Someone claiming to be Jenelle's sister Ashleigh also posted on social media that CPS had taken Ensley, and other insiders confirmed that whether it had happened yet or not, the plan is to deliver the toddler to Barbara to care for until all this can get figured out.

  • However, Jenelle took to social media yet again after the TMZ report, saying she's "so sick of this drama."

    She called the report that CPS was taking Ensley away "BS," and said that she and her sister have been estranged for some time. 

  • We're not sure exactly what is going on with Jenelle, but we are seriously worried for her.

    Exactly how badly does David need to destroy her life before she leaves? Although she admitted to thinking about divorce in the days after he shot and killed Nugget, she's since said that they're going to do marriage counseling together because "we both need it."

    The only thing we thinks she needs is a restraining order.