Kate Gosselin Is Ready for Love in the First Trailer for Her New Dating Show

Kate Gosselin on Kate Plus Date

Just in case anyone missed the memo, it's official: Kate Gosselin is heading back to reality TV, and this time, it's all about her. And now that the first trailer for Kate's dating show is finally here, we're getting a better idea of what this series will be about.

  • In Kate Plus Date, Kate will be speed dating 10 different guys -- with the help of a matchmaker and her kids, of course.

    Cara Gosselin, Kate Gosselin and Mady Gosselin of 'Kate Plus Date'
    Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for Discovery

     And at the end of the season, Kate will choose who's lucky enough to get a second date.

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  • The trailer kicks off with Kate's daughters, Cara and Mady, talking about what they think their mom is looking for in a date.

    They're thinking Kate's gonna want to spend time on a boat with wine. (Hey, that actually does sound like a good date!) They really don't seem convinced that their mom is ready for this -- but they're helping out for the cause anyway.

  • Matchmaker Rachel DeAlto explains that each date Kate goes on with the 10 men will include an active component.

    According to the trailer, this includes archery and hitting balls at a batting cage ... which should end up being entertaining for the rest of us to watch, to say the least.

  • The dates also include dinner out, because what better way is there to get to know someone than over a meal?

    It really doesn't seem as if Kate's holding back on these dates, either. She's getting real and being unapologetically herself, for better or for worse.

    And honestly, that's probably for the best. It's better to know if she's compatible with someone ahead of time and if they're compatible with her.

  • Twins Cara and Mady even interview the guys their mom is dating.

    That's pretty adorable. These two seem genuinely invested in helping their mom find the right guy, which is so sweet to see.

  • Kate makes it clear in the promo that she's here for honesty only, and even tells a guy mid-date she's not interested.

    Kate Gosselin on Kate Plus Date

    Looks as if we can expect tons of awkward moments like this one this season. Then again, would we expect anything less from Kate? 

    Awkward moments are part of the dating process, anyway.

    It's going to make excellent reality television.

  • Kate admits she's all-in and seems to be embracing the process way more than she was at the start.

    "Standing here right now, I can tell you I am different than I was three months ago," Kate Gosselin mentions during the trailer. "Wait 'til you see, because even I can't believe it."

  • So far, fans don't exactly seem on board with this new show at all.

    Facebook comments

    Not exactly the nicest comments ever, but Kate's been a pretty polarizing celebrity since forever. Maybe they'll change their minds once the show premieres?

  • Here's the full trailer for Kate Plus Date:

    With a premiere date of June 10, the show hits TLC in a matter of weeks -- so soon enough, we'll find out if Kate found love.

    ... or not.

    If nothing else, at least we get to see Cara and Mady back in action again.

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