The First Teaser Trailer for the 'Beverly Hills, 90210' Revival Is Here

Beverly Hills 90210 cast

We've been hearing about the Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot for months now, and finally, the first look at the series is here. (Squee!) The first teaser trailer for BH90210 dropped, and even though we're totally heartbroken that Luke Perry won't be a part of it, we're so excited to see this cast back together again.

  • The trailer for the 90210 revival starts with the cast waking up and getting ready for the day.

    Shannen Doherty is in her garden doing yoga. Tori Spelling is making coffee. Jason Priestley is still in bed. 

    It seems like a normal morning, but not for long ...

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  • Suddenly, the first notes from the Beverly Hills, 90210 theme song begin to play in the most unexpected places.

    Tori's coffee maker bubbles up to the tune, and Jennie Garth perfectly blow dries her hair to the next notes in the song. 

    Anyone else getting chills?

  • By the time Gabrielle Carteris makes it outside for the day, dogs are even barking to the tune of the song.

    She breaks out in a huge grin, and TBH, so do we.

    We love Andrea Zuckerman!!

  • The trailer for the upcoming show ends with the cast gathered together on a sound stage.

    ... and we've never been more ready for a reboot in our lives. 

    Did the trailer let us know what to expect from this show? Not really, but it did get us pretty hyped for what's to come -- so the preview did its job.

  • Fans are so excited about the reboot now that this trailer is here, even though they couldn't help but point out Luke's absence.

    Facebook comments

    It's hard not to have that reaction when thinking about the new 90210, though. It definitely won't be the same without Luke Perry, but we're still looking forward to what the rest of the cast will bring to these new episodes.

  • Here's the trailer for the Beverly Hills, 90210 revival trailer in full.

    The six-episode series premieres on August 7 on Fox, and we are pumped. 

    If anyone needs us, we'll be watching this trailer over and over again today ... and waiting to hear the theme song in our toasters.

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