Jenelle Evans Shares a Photo With a New Animal & Fans Unleash Their Fury

Jenelle Evans, Ensley Eason

What the heck was she thinking? Jenelle Evans may have forgiven husband David Eason for shooting and killing her dog, Nugget, but the Internet sure hasn't forgotten. Less than a week after being fired by MTV over an alleged animal cruelty incident in which David shot Jenelle's dog for nipping at their toddler, the former Teen Mom 2 star took to Instagram to show off the latest animal to join her at their homestead in North Carolina. 

  • Jenelle shared this photo on Instagram over the weekend, calling herself a "chicken whisperer."

    Jenelle has built up quite the farm on her land, and over the last several months, she's shared multiple photos of herself with chickens, ducks, and even piglets. Fans were even alerted to the fact that she came back home to be with David after he killed her dog when she posted a photo of herself with her new chicken coop in the background on her Instagram story earlier this month.

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  • Just a couple of weeks ago, it was reported that David killed Nugget after the French bulldog nipped at Ensley.

    In a now-deleted Instagram video, David offered his "proof" that he was justified in killing the animal, because he snapped at their 2-year-old, who was in the dog's face at the time. Jenelle said she was considering divorce in the aftermath of the killing, and even took a few days away from David, but it appears that she's ready to put it all behind her.

  • Fans are in no such rush to forget about David's violent and fatal temper, and they came for Jenelle in the comments. 

  • We really don't know what Jenelle was thinking. There are literally thousands of comments, and most are negative. She had to have seen this coming, right?

  • Jenelle might have bigger issues than people being mad over her owning chickens, though. 

    According to The Ashley, Jenelle's mom Barbara Evans has refused to let Jace visit his mom so long as David is around. Babs, who has custody of Jace, is reportedly worried for his safety while his stepfather is in the picture. A source told the site, "Barbara is still in contact with [the people from MTV] and she said that since Jenelle isn't leaving David, she can't allow Jace to go see Jenelle because she knows that will mean Jace will be around David. She was horrified [about the dog's murder]."

    In response, Jenelle has allegedly cut off Barbara again. And things were going so well between them lately! We're not sure what it's going to take to get Jenelle to realize David is bad news, but we hope she gets it soon. After all, she has kids to consider, not just herself.