20 Times Leah Messer & Kailyn Lowry Were #BFFGoals

Nicole Pomarico | May 17, 2019 TV
20 Times Leah Messer & Kailyn Lowry Were #BFFGoals

Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry

Over the years, we've had so much fun watching the ladies of Teen Mom 2 forge lasting friendships with one another because of the show. Sure, there's definitely been some (OK, a lot) of drama among the cast members, but one of the most adorable BFF pairs to emerge from the MTV reality show has been Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry. Over the last couple of years, they've gotten closer than ever, and it's been so much fun to watch -- especially since they're always sharing their adventures with their followers on social media so the rest of us can follow along.

Although there are also some strong friendships on Teen Mom OG, too, the Teen Mom 2 cast seems extra close, since Kail, Leah, and Chelsea DeBoer have always been there for each other since day one, and lately, Kailyn and Leah's friendship has only grown. It's crazy to think that without being cast on Teen Mom 2, these ladies probably would have never even met! 

It's definitely not easy growing up on reality TV, much less raising kids on screen for the whole world to see (and judge). Kail and Leah have shared this experience, and it's only made them stronger. Yes, there have been ridiculous dating rumors about these two, but they brush it off and just keep on going, and we've gotta love them for how much fun they're always having together. Can they please invite us on their next trip to Hawaii?! 

These are all the times that Kail and Leah have been #BFFgoals over the course of their friendship. Lately, their bond has seemed stronger than ever, and we love seeing how much these two adore and support each other, even though they live far apart.

  • They Always Have Each Other's Backs


    These two are always looking out for each other, like when Leah found out about Briana's trip with Javi (while they were still dating, anyway) and let Kail know that her ex's new GF would be staying in the same hotel room as her kiddos. They've always been so loyal to each other, even at the cost of what other people might think about them. Isn't that the best quality in a friend anyone could ask for? 

  • They Explored a Mermaid Cave


    During their trip to Hawaii in 2018, it seemed like these ladies crossed a lot of things off their bucket lists, including this visit to a mermaid cove. How gorgeous is this?! They'll have memories from this day for the rest of their lives -- and beautiful photos like this one.

  • Getting Excited About Baby Lux 


    When Kail first announced she was pregnant with baby Lux, she received a lot of heat for it -- after all, nobody really knew that she and Chris Lopez were seeing each other at the time. But Leah was always supportive of it and excited for Kail's third kiddo to enter the world. How adorable are they?

  • Grabbing Drinks in Costa Rica


    Kailyn and Leah's most recent adventure was a trip to Costa Rica with friends. According to what they shared on Instagram, it looked like a blast. Who doesn't want to be sipping a drink on a boat with their BFF? Not only are they friend goals, but they're also vacation goals.

  • Hanging Out by the Waves in Hawaii


    Yet another vacation photo sure to make everyone jealous -- it's working for us, anyway! Going to Hawaii was Kail and Leah's first big adventure together, and they definitely made it count. They looked like they were having so much fun.

  • They're Always Bonding Backstage


    At any Teen Mom 2 reunion, it's a guarantee that Kail and Leah will catch up backstage -- and that they'll share cute new photos together on Instagram. It seems like they truly cherish whatever time they get together, and it's so sweet. It's been so fun to watch them grow up together over the years. 

  • Smooches in the Hot Springs


    Want proof of the love that exists between these two? Look no further. This is the sweetest photo ... and we're jealous they got to hang out in the hot springs in Costa Rica. 

  • They Always Know How to Have Fun


    It seems like these ladies are always having a good time, and they're not afraid to show the world. Of course, the fact that they only get together when they have something really fun planned helps, but they look like a blast. Can we join their next vacation? 

  • There's Never a Dull Moment


    Next time Kail and Leah go on a trip together, pay attention to their social media. There doesn't seem to be one moment where they're not having a great time. These ladies know how to party -- and since traveling together is a huge test of friendship, it just shows how compatible they really are.

  • They Take the Cutest Photos


    This piggyback shot is too cute! And somehow, all of Kail and Leah's photos together are this adorable. You can see their friendship jump right off the screen -- that's love.

  • Hanging Out by a Waterfall in Costa Rica


    This could easily be an ad for Costa Rica, because we're definitely convinced we need to travel there after seeing this photo. Add this to the list of amazing locations they've gotten to visit together. The waterfall looks beautiful, and so do Kail and Leah.

  • They Went Off-Roading


    While they were in Costa Rica, Kail and Leah went off-roading, and from the sounds of Leah's caption, it sounds like they had a blast.

    "I can’t wait to see this footage!" she wrote. "I’m so sad we lost 15 minutes of go pro footage. This was GREATTT."

    OK, we need to see this footage ASAP.

  • The Rose to Her Jack


    Everyone needs a BFF who will reenact this epic scene from Titanic with them when they're on a boat. We love that Kail and Leah recreated this scene. Yet again, another adorable photo starring these two.

  • The Love Between Them Is Real


    From watching Kail and Leah together, it's easy to see how much they love each other. They don't get wrapped up in the drama, and they've always supported each other, whether they're together in person or even online. And seeing them together in person only solidifies the fact that they really do care about each other. 

  • Catching Up at the 'Teen Mom 2' Reunion


    It's hard to believe how much Kail and Leah (and the rest of the cast) have changed since the beginning of Teen Mom 2, but they've grown so much, too. And so far, these friends seem to have grown together. Can we get a spinoff about their travels, please?

  • They Take The Sweetest Selfies


    In this photo, both Kail and Leah are totally glowing. They kill it in their selfies together, and we want to know how. What's their secret?! 

  • They Understand Each Other


    "Many have an image of us but few get the picture," Leah wrote when she shared this photo. "I get you and I love you @kaillowry!" 

    It's true -- it's hard to understand what it's like to be part of a show like Teen Mom 2, but since Leah and Kail have both been through this experience, they can understand each other like few other people are capable of. 

  • Leah Visited Kail's Podcast


    Kail's had a lot of pretty impressive guests stop by her Coffee & Convos podcast, but when Leah was a guest, it was clear she was happy to have a close friend around. Being that both Kail and Leah have their own podcasts now, we have to wonder if they've ever thought of doing their own together. We'd totally listen!

  • They Always Look So Happy When They're Together


    Here they are, glowing again. They seem to bring out a happiness in each other that's so special to see, and it seems like they get so excited when they get to see each other. Hopefully, they have a lot more exciting things planned for the rest of this year.

  • With Chelsea DeBoer, They Make An Unstoppable Trio


    Leah and Kail are pretty awesome on their own, but when they team up with Chelsea, they're something else. Maybe when Chelsea's kids are a little older, she'll be able to join in on some of these trips. The three of them together would be so much fun.

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