Jenelle Evans Opens Up About Getting Fired From 'Teen Mom 2'

Jenelle Evans, David Eason

It still hasn't quite hit us that Jenelle Evans is off of Teen Mom 2 for good, but now, she's speaking out about this new development in her life. Speaking to Us Weekly, Jenelle shared her thoughts about her Teen Mom firing, and we're impressed by how well she seems to be handling the situation -- and a little surprised at just how determined she is to stay with David Eason, even after everything that's happened.

  • Jenelle told the magazine that she was "a little bit shocked" but saw her firing coming and has "nothing but love" for MTV. 

    After news broke that David killed Jenelle's dog, Nugget, we had a feeling that it was only a matter of time before MTV made some kind of move, and now, we know what it is. 

    “I was upset, I’m still upset, but this is a new chapter for me and my family,” she said. “I will continue to try what’s best for me and my family.”

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  • Jenelle said David has been there for her through this, and that she's working on her marriage.

    “David has been here for me since the news broke, he told me to not worry about it and to stay positive,” she said. "I'm keeping busy and staying focused on my kids and my animals and my business endeavors which have been planned for months. I’m working to fix my marriage as well and moving forward.”

    We're a little surprised that there's anything to fix -- aside from the fact that David killed her dog, which is bad enough, there have been a lot of other red flags. But hey, it's Jenelle's marriage, and it's her call. 

  • She said her mom, Barbara, is upset about this decision, too. 

    Jenelle Evans, Barbara Evans

    “My mom’s upset," Jenelle added. "We spoke today. This is a new chapter for both of us! I plan to keep the relationship with my mom close and watch Jace grow into the young man he’s becoming.”

  • And even though we can't see this happening, Jenelle did say that she'd come back to Teen Mom 2 if she were asked. 

    “I hold a special place in my heart for MTV and the producers!" she said. "I shared 10 years of my life with them! I wish them nothing but success.”

    We can't imagine what the show will be like without her, but there are definitely other stories to tell. And in the meantime, we really hope Jenelle is able to figure out what's important ... and what the best way to keep her and her children safe is, whether that means having David in her life or not.