Jenelle Evans Is Back Home After David Eason Allegedly Shot Her Dog, Nugget

Jenelle Evans

Everything that's been going on with Jenelle Evans and David Eason lately has been incredibly troubling, and the latest update has us even more worried. Apparently, Jenelle has returned home after David shot their dog, Nugget, and we can't help but feel concerned for the Teen Mom 2 star's safety now more than ever.

  • In case you're out of the loop, last week, David allegedly shot and killed Nugget after the pup nipped at their daughter, Ensley. 

    Jenelle shared a post on Instagram about how she already missed Nugget, who was "gone forever," and she seemed distraught about the dog's death.

    She also shared that she was considering divorce, and as far as we know, she hasn't been home for days ... until now.

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  • According to Us Weekly, Jenelle posted on Instagram on Sunday that she was was collecting eggs from her chickens.

    The post has since disappeared, but that would definitely indicate that she was back at home -- less than a week after the incident with Nugget happened. 

    We've been really hoping for a long time that Jenelle would wise up and realize that she's in a bad situation, and we had our fingers crossed that losing Nugget would be the last straw for her. But if she's back home already, maybe not.

  • Jenelle's Teen Mom 2 costars have been coming forward to share their thoughts on the incident.

    Kailyn Lowry shared her statement on her Instagram and Twitter pages, and knowing how much Kail loves her pets at home, we're not surprised she wouldn't stand for this kind of treatment of animals. 

    Jenelle's friend and costar Briana DeJesus spoke with Radar Online and shared her feelings in an interview, saying, "I am very disturbed to hear about the alleged dog incident. I don't care who you are, but hurting animals is not okay and my heart is breaking over this." 

  • Chelsea Houska DeBoer's dad, Randy Houska, also chimed in with his thoughts.

    Not to make a joke out of what's obviously a sad situation, but shooting animals is not the answer.

  • Whatever's going on, we hope Jenelle makes the right choice in making sure she and her kids are safe.

    That's what's most important, after all.