Chrissy Teigen Lands Multi-Series Deal on Hulu

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Chrissy Teigen
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A mama mogul in the making! Chrissy Teigen inked a new deal with Hulu that promises a deliciously good time. The celeb mom is known for her culinary talents, and now, fans of Chrissy can go on a culinary adventure that's bound to be unforgettable -- and likely Pinterest-worthy!

  • Chrissy landed a "multi-year and multi-show partnership" with Hulu that will center around cooking.

    Chrissy Teigen is teaming up with chef David Chang and Vox Media for a new series of shows set to air on Hulu. The projects will be a part of the streaming service's initiative "Hulu Kitchen," People reports, that sounds both tasty and informative.

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  • The first series, Family Style, will be a cooking talk show, hosted by Chrissy and chef David Chang.

    People reports another show, Eater's Guide to the World, is in the works that will be a docu-series focusing on the world (hence the title) and food. Chrissy and David will not only serve as on-air talent for the various series in the works, but will also curate and produce the projects, too.

    "I'm hoping we can keep integrating new perspectives into the conversation, telling compelling stories about our culture, and trying to change people’s ideas of what food television can and should do," the chef said of his new business relationship with Chrissy, People reports. "I think there's an audience out there that understands and celebrates the world through food, and they're hungry for shows that feed their sense of curiosity in new ways."

  • Chrissy is no stranger to satisfying our Cravings.

    In 2016, the celeb mom debuted her first cookbook, Cravings, and followed it up with Cravings: Hungry for More in 2018.

  • We can't wait to see what she cooks up!

    It's pretty freaking awesome Chrissy landed a multi-series deal on Hulu. She could become the next culinary mogul in the digital space!

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