Ryan Edwards's Family Reportedly Doesn't Think He Can Stay Clean

Jen Edwards, Larry Edwards, Ryan Edwards, Mackenzie Standifer

Well that's sad. Ryan Edwards just got out of jail on Monday, after spending three months on the inside for drug-related charges, and his family already reportedly doesn't believe he'll be able to stay sober. According to Radar Online, they wouldn't "bet" on Ryan staying clean after his incarceration. 

  • If three months behind bars isn't enough to keep Ryan sober, is there any real hope?

    An insider told Radar, "Being incarcerated, his family hopes he learned his lesson and stays clean. Would they bet on it? Not on a dime. Drugs are very powerful. When your body needs them, you do things you normally wouldn't do."

    The 31-year-old has spent the last three months in Hamilton County Jail in Tennessee. He was arrested on January 23, 2019, after allegedly walking out on a $36 bar tab in Chattanooga in December 2018, and was booked on a heroin possession charge from an outstanding warrant, according to Us Weekly

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    • According to the source, Ryan's parents are "hoping and praying" he'll stay clean

      Jen and Larry Edwards have been through the wringer with their son, and reportedly want him to seek treatment again. The insider shared, "Jen would like for Ryan to find a counselor, someone he can talk to. Larry has a lot of plans they would like to happen, but they don't happen."

      The source continued, "His family is hoping and praying. A lot of people love him. He's a good guy. He's done good things and bad things. They believe God has a plan for Ryan ... They'll always love him. They will always be there. They're not shielding them because it is what it is. They're there to support him."

    • Meanwhile, Ryan reportedly wants a break from wife Mackenzie Standifer after getting out of jail. 

      Another source revealed to Radar earlier this week that "Ryan told Mackenzie, 'The first thing I want to do is ... I need a little time to be by myself.' He's had no private time at all." The insider also shared how Ryan wants to spend his "private time." The source explained, "He said he wants to sit in the woods for a whole day and not have to listen to anyone talk. He wants to get on his motorcycle and ride it."

      The insider said Ryan's wife "understands," and shared, "She told him, 'I've been taking care of these kids. You need to help me with the kids when you're done!’ She's been really good. She's been very firm with Ryan ... I hope Mackenzie loves him till she dies. You never know. There are no guarantees."

    • We really hope that Ryan is able to stay clean and sober from here on out.

      How much does he have to go through in order to get it? He spent three months in rehab last fall, and missed Jagger's birth. He just spent the last three months in jail. His parents, his wife, and his kids all deserve better from him.