JWoww Has Apparently Moved on With a New Mystery Man

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Jennifer Farley
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It's been months since Jersey Shore alum JWoww announced her split from her ex-husband, Roger Matthews. And just like with any celebrity divorce, things got messy and very public. However, after long and painful separation battles, it looks as if JWoww might finally be moving on and finding happiness again. We're just not sure with who yet. 

  • On Friday, JWoww posted an Instagram story of her tasty lunch on a terrace, and there was just a glimpse of a man's hand holding a second wine glass.

    According to Us Weekly, later that day JWoww also shared a Snapchat story that showed a man's arm again, as they were in the car together. She also posted another Instagram story later on Sunday with the caption, "Bye Florida, 'til next time," so who's to say these two didn't spend the whole weekend together?

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  • Sounds like things are already pretty cozy to us, but seriously ... who is this guy??

    We don't know for sure, but JWoww's representative, Robyn Matarazzo, told Us Weekly, “ Jwoww has moved on and is happy."

    Well -- that's all that matters, right? After all she's been through, JWoww deserves to share a bottle of wine with a secret companion.

  • This mystery rendezvous with her possible new boyfriend comes just weeks after she had a small reunion with her ex-husband on a train ride.

    The two, along with their two children (Meilani and Greyson), took a pre-Easter train ride in New Hope, Pennsylvania, but even so, JWoww remains certain that there's no chance of a reconciliation between her and Roger.

    Ever since they announced their divorce, Roger has been causing all sorts of trouble over social media, so honestly, we're glad to see JWoww moving on from the drama.

  • But less about Roger and more about JWoww's mystery man. Because we don't know who it is, people have been throwing out some pretty crazy guesses.

    One being that JWoww is now dating Jersey Shore co-star Pauly D after he threw her a birthday party back in March. However, a source had this to say to HollywoodLife.com concerning the dating rumors: "There’s absolutely no truth to any of it. They love each other dearly as friends, but that’s it.” 

    Well, we suppose that settles that, and now we're back to square one. Here's hoping JWoww reveals her mystery beau soon!