20 Celebrities Who Made Appearances on 'The Hills'

Nicole Pomarico | Apr 10, 2019 TV
20 Celebrities Who Made Appearances on 'The Hills'

The Hills cast
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Almost a decade has passed since The Hills took its final bow on MTV, and now, a reboot is finally coming. In June, The Hills: New Beginnings will premiere, featuring some of the original cast members -- like Heidi Montag and Audrina Patridge -- and some new ones, including Mischa Barton. But before we get too hyped about the new episodes, let's take a look back at the original series, because let's be honest: It was pretty epic on its own, especially when we consider all of the major celebrities who guest-starred on the reality TV show -- many we forgot about.

Some of these celebrities have hit it big since then, and some were in their prime when they appeared on the show in the early 2000s. Looking back, it's pretty impressive that this reality show snagged all of these stars while creating a cast that ended up being stars in their own right. We're a little jealous of all the cool experiences that Lauren Conrad got to have while she was starring on the show.

If only we could get her to return for the reboot

Because so many of the jobs of the cast of The Hills revolved around situations that celebs would be in, it's not that shocking that we'd see a member of the Hollywood elite on the show from time to time. Thinking back to all of these appearances is just making us want to watch the show from the beginning all over again.

(Hey, might not be a bad idea to catch up before the reboot hits MTV this summer, right?)

These are the celebrities who guest starred on The Hills all those years ago. It's a fun walk down memory lane, but the rest is still unwritten.

  • Kim Kardashian

    Kim Kardashian, Brody Jenner
    Chris Polk/FilmMagic/Getty Images

    People who watched The Hills religiously might not remember this cameo, and that's OK. In the show's original run, Kim Kardashian's appearance didn't air, but MTV later decided to show the footage during a 2016 special. In the clip, which was filmed in 2007, Kim attended a party at Heidi's apartment with Brody Jenner where they talked about Spencer's pet jellyfish.

  • Lady Gaga


    Long before A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga -- who was still new to the music scene at the time -- was on The Hills headlining a concert. And who was responsible for dressing her at the event? Whitney and Lauren, of course. They even saved the day by helping her head off a wardrobe malfunction.

  • Sean Kingston

    Sean Kingston
    Splash News

    When Audrina was working at Epic Records, she went with Sean to his Jimmy Kimmel Live! performance. At the time, he was only 17, and he had the good sense to send her flowers the next day to thank her.

    What a gentleman!

  • Marc Jacobs


    When Lauren was interning at Teen Vogue, she had the opportunity to rub elbows with all kinds of big names in fashion, including this one. While working with Marc Jacobs's team in New York, the designer himself popped by, and Lauren got to see him in the flesh.

    Um, amazing?

  • Brandy

    Brandy, Audrina Patridge
    Michael Buckner/WireImage/Getty Images

    Another cool opportunity at Epic Records for Audrina!

    During her time there, she got to work with Brandy while she was recording music, and it looks like they got pretty chummy after spending time in the studio together. Who wouldn't want to be friends with Brandy?

  • Ryan Cabrera

    Ryan Cabrera, Audrina Patridge
    Denise Truscello/Wire Image/Getty Images

    Being that Audrina and Ryan dated while The Hills was filming, it's no surprise that he made more than a few appearances on the show. Fans were excited when they started dating again last year, but unfortunately, it just wasn't meant to be. In September 2018, they broke up again, and according to Audrina herself, they're now just friends.

    "Ryan and I have been good friends for years," Audrina told E! News. "He is currently on tour, and I am focusing on my daughter. Even though we are not in a romantic relationship right now, we will continue to be friends and are still in touch."

  • Landon Clements


    We might know her from Southern Charm, but that wasn't the first reality show Landon appeared on. Remember when Heidi worked at Bolthouse PR? Landon worked there, too. Although she didn't get a ton of screen time, she was also an assistant, just like Heidi.

    Guess she got used to cameras early on!

  • Colton Haynes

    Lauren Conrad, Colton Haynes
    Getty Images

    Colton made an appearance early on in The Hills, working with Teen Vogue on a photo shoot. Now? We'd say that he's more than made his mark in Hollywood, starring in Arrow and Rough Night.

    Looks like he's come a long way since that photo shoot.

  • Lily Collins

    Whitney Port, Lily Collins
    Michael Buckner/Getty Images

    Remember when Whitney took Lauren's place on that Paris trip -- the one where LC made the critically wrong choice to stay home instead to spend time with Jason? (We all know how well that turned out.) While there, she worked on a shoot with Teen Vogue that Lily was involved in.

    Could've been Lauren!

  • Taylor Armstrong

    Taylor Armstrong
    F.Abagnale/Splash News

    Before she was on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she was on The Hills -- minus the Beverly. Taylor made a quick cameo on an episode when she and Linda Thompson ran into Stephanie Pratt while she was out to dinner. How does she know Stephanie? Linda just so happens to be Brody's mom.

  • Scheana Shay


    Another reality star who appeared on The Hills first! Blink and ya might've missed this Vanderpump Rules star's cameo. Scheana briefly showed up on an episode since she was friends with Stacie Adams -- aka, Stacie "The Bartender." In 2016, Scheana gave an update on Stacie on Twitter. She's not around much these days because she lives in Switzerland, but she was in Scheana's wedding.


  • Hilary Duff

    Hilary Duff and Lauren Conrad
    Jason Merritt/TERM / Staff/Getty Images

    Hilary Duff's part on The Hills was super short, but she did cause Lauren and Whitney a bit of stress. When they were responsible for making sure everyone got seated at a fashion event, they were waiting on Hilary to arrive ... and when she did, they could take a second to finally chill out.

    Thanks for showing up, Hilary!

  • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus


    This band is known for the hit "Face Down," but people might not have known that the group was on The Hills ... and made Lauren and Whitney nervous in the process. On the show, they went out for drinks with the ladies the night before a pretty big Teen Vogue photo shoot. (Doing shots probably wasn't the best idea when they had such an important day coming up.)

    Lauren definitely seemed like she felt iffy about it the entire time.

  • Kirstie Alley


    Of all the celebrities to show up on The Hills, Kirstie Alley is a particularly surprising one. She made a brief appearance at a fashion show that Whitney and Lauren were coordinating while working at People's Revolution. Just goes to show that anything can happen when the boss is Kelly Cutrone!

  • Derek Theler


    These days, Derek is a model, actor, and is known for starring on Baby Daddy. But when he was on The Hills? In the second season, he was Lauren's date to a New Year's Eve party. They seemed to get along pretty well ... for the night, anyway.

  • Selena Gomez


    When Lauren and Whitney worked on Teen Vogue's Young Hollywood party, the stars came out that night -- including Selena. It seemed like a pretty stressful event to work, because with a guest list as high-profile as the one they were working with, the stakes were high. But as usual, those two managed to pull it off.

    They made a pretty great team!

  • Justin Timberlake


    Yes, even Justin Timberlake appeared on The Hills. Just chalk it up to another one of Whitney and Lauren's insane job perks. This time, they got to attend a voter registration party without actually having to work it -- and Justin was there, too.

    Talk about the best night ever!

  • Tom Sandoval

    Tom Sandoval
    Mindy Small/FilmMagic/Getty Images

    Yet another Vanderpump Rules star who made it onto The Hills. Before he was a reality star in his own right, Tom tried out for a modeling gig with Teen Vogue.

    Who knew what the future held for him?

  • Emily Weiss


    On The Hills, it wasn't hard to miss Emily Weiss when she was just Emily, an intern at Teen Vogue. But now, she's totally a celebrity, especially in the beauty world. Today, Emily is the CEO of Glossier, a massive skin care and cosmetics brand.

    Maybe we should've all started our careers in the Teen Vogue office with Whitney and Lauren?

  • Tom Green

    Tom Green, Heidi Pratt, Spencer Pratt, Stephanie Pratt, Holly Montag
    Chris Weeks/Wire Image/Getty Images

    While Heidi was still working at Bolthouse PR, Tom Green made an appearance at one of the company's parties. Later, he was caught hanging out with Heidi, Spencer, Stephanie, and Heidi's sister, Holly.

    Seems like they were having a pretty good time.

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