Amy & Matt Roloff Face Off About the Family Farm

Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff
Little People Big World/Facebook

In case ya missed it, the new season of Little People, Big World premiered last night that has fans of the reality show talking. We got to see the family come together to celebrate Jackson's first birthday (they filmed this a while ago) that brought the feels. Sadly, everything wasn't cake and celebration as Matt and Amy Roloff faced off about the fate of their family farm.

And it's safe to assume this likely won't get resolved anytime soon.

  • A trailer for the premiere teased the argument between Amy and Matt that definitely was not resolved by the end of the show.

    "Several months ago I asked Amy what she wants to do with the farm," Matt Roloff explains to cameras about Amy and the farm, reports. "One of my frustrations is, you know, she's reluctant to make decisions often."

    "I'm just confused this whole major decision is on me," Amy tells Matt during the show.

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  • "I just want to see motion. It doesn't have to be one big wrestling match, it can be done ..." Matt tells Amy during the episode.

    "I don't think it's going to be easy because I don't think he's going to like whatever I do," Amy Roloff confesses to LPBW cameras as she leaves Matt and ultimately the argument.

    As Matt hints during the show, it's within his rights to sell his portion of the farm and just tell Amy about it after the fact, thanks to a clause in their divorce settlement.

    "Divorce definitely threw me for a loop. And now the kids are moving on ... you blink and they're gone," Amy mentions to cameras. "I think that the fame and the kids are what have held me here ... I do have to make some sort of decision soon because if not I'll feel like I'm always in limbo still."

  • Roloff Farm is filled with so many family memories that might make it hard to leave ... but not impossible.

    "It's going to be a sad, sad day if we sell the farm, but also it's been a great thing for the last, you know -- just because it goes away doesn't mean that negates all the greatness we had with it," Zach Roloff tells cameras during the episode after talking to his mom about the fate of the farm.

  • It's quite clear Little People, Big World fans are mixed about whether they're #TeamAmy or #TeamMatt.

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    The reaction to Amy and Matt's argument about the farm is very mixed. Some people feel Amy needs to make up her mind as she's been dragging her feet about the farm as a whole. Others think Matt is trying to "bulldoze" her to get his way.

  • Here's hoping there's light at the end of the tunnel.

    Given we saw Matt and Caryn and Amy and Chris come together during the Little People, Big World trailer for this season, we're crossing our fingers everyone can get this thing resolved.

    We can only imagine how difficult this will be as Matt and Amy raised their kids on the farm.