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  • The whole thing is perfect -- from her shirt to his face that just sort of silently screams, "Get me the heck out of here!"

    Bristol and Dakota split last year, and their contentious separation and divorce was a major plotline for her on Teen Mom OG. Dakota suffers from PTSD after winning a Medal of Honor in the Iraq War, where he watched his entire squadron be killed. Needless to say, that pretty much doomed their ability to cohabitate happily as a married couple. 

  • Bristol isn't the only Teen Mom star who is divorced, and even Kailyn Lowry chimed in in the comments to tag her ex-husband.

    We're dying! We're glad to see Kail poking some fun at her ex too. On the show, all we see is the drama, and although not everything is going to ever be perfect between exes, it's good to see times like these when they actually get along.