The First Look at Pauly D & Vinny's Dating Show Is Here

Pauly D and Vinny in Double Shot of Love
MTV via

Move over Colton Underwood (well, technically his season is done): There's two new bachelors in town. The first trailer for Pauly D and Vinny's new dating show is here, and it's definitely taking a page or two from The Bachelor that's pretty fun (and brilliant) if ya ask us.

  • We're first introduced to the Jersey Shore stars with a few hat tips to The Bachelor.

    Okay, a lot of hat tips (LOL).

    There are the flowers petals blowing on the ground, the all-white backdrop, the single rose -- apparently "Guido-style" the reality stars would likely say as it features colors from the Italian flag.

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  • Double Shot at Love looks to bring twice the hookups and twice the amount of bulging biceps.

    Like The Bachelor, 20 single ladies will compete for the love and attention of Pauly D and Vinny. But unlike that popular ABC dating show, these contestants get to decide who they intend to pursue on Double Shot at Love.

    After all, a gal's gotta have some options, right?

  • We can only imagine what's in store.

    A room full of single women, Pauly D, Vinny, and likely some alcohol. Yeah, this could get R-rated super fast!

    (We hope someone is there washing the sheets on the regular ...)
  • Double Shot at Love is set to air on MTV come Thursday, April 11.

    Here's the first trailer of the upcoming MTV reality show. Heaven only knows the ride we're going to take.

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