Cassie Randolph Opens Up About the Truth Behind Her Breakup With Colton Underwood

Colton Underwood, Cassie Randolph
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We finally know how Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor ends -- and the truth behind that infamous fence jump. After the woman he loved broke his heart, some fans have been questioning whether Cassie Randolph really deserved his final rose and even if she really loves him back.

And what about the other contestants claiming that Cassie was just there to be the next Bachelorette? It turns out that she did have a conversation with Caelynn Miller-Keyes about being next season's star, but it's not what people think. Cassie and Colton explained it all to Entertainment Tonight this week. 


During Colton's season, more than one of the women he let go "warned" him that someone of the other girls there weren't there for the right reasons. Cassie and Caelynn were specifically mentioned as not being there for Colton, or even ready for marriage at all. Tayshia even told him that she'd overheard the two of them plotting to become the next Bachelorette.

Of course Cassie is enjoying her relationship with Colton, but Caelynn missed out on becoming the star of the upcoming season of The Bachelorette. Instead, ABC made a controversial choice with Hannah Brown, who is the first leading lady in the franchise's history to not have made it to the final four in the previous season of The Bachelor. 

Fans have had some pretty mixed reactions to Hannah "Beast" Brown getting the role, especially after an awkward scene on The Bachelor, when she couldn't string words together in order to toast with Colton while they were on a date together. On the other hand, some people are big fans of her adorkableness, and are looking forward to a season with someone more "real" rather than polished. 

We can't help but wonder if ABC passed on Caelynn being the next leading lady because of that overheard conversation between her and Cassie. But what was actually said? Watch thee video to hear Cassie's side of the story.

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