Netflix Canceled 'One Day at a Time,' but There Might Be Hope

One Day at a Time
Mike Yarish/Netflix

It looks like another series is biting the dust. Netflix just announced it's canceling One Day at a Time after three seasons. Although a number of people (okay, a lot) aren't happy at all about the streaming service's news, there might be hope for the comedy to survive.

  • One Day at a Time follows a Cuban-American family three generations deep living under the same roof.

    Penelope Alvarez (Justina Machado) is an Army veteran who leaves her husband with her two kids to start life over. One Day at a Time also starred acclaimed actress Rita Moreno as Lydia, Penelope's mother, who fled Cuba during Fidel Castro's reign for a better life in the States.

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  • Netflix broke the somber news on social media, noting the show's cancellation doesn't reflect a lack of concern regarding representation.

    "And to anyone who felt seen or represented -- possibly for the first time -- by ODAAT, please don't take this as an indication your story is not important," Netflix clarified in a tweet about its decision to cancel the show. "The outpouring of love for this show is a firm reminder to us that we must continue finding ways to tell these stories."

    One Day at a Time was praised for not only being Netflix's first Latinx-themed series, but also for tackling topics such as PTSD among veterans, gender identity, depression, addiction, and more.
  • Folks are legit mad and might cancel their subscription with Netflix.

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    Judging by the reaction, people are getting very tired with the streaming service canceling shows. They already had to deal with news Fuller House is coming to an end and don't want to hear or see anything about another show getting canned.

  • But there might be a chance the show will stay on ... just not at Netflix.

    Show creators Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce released a statement online, indicating plans to shop around the show.

    "Along with our studio Sony, we will be exploring other places One Day at a Time can live, and with any luck we'll find one. Either way our three seasons will always exist and be there for you and for us. In the meantime we want to thank everybody who watched. We love you. Familia Para Siempre."

  • Looks like we'll have to see what happens.

    Maybe One Day at a Time will get picked up by a network, and maybe it won't.

    We'll have to wait and see.

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