40 Reality Shows That Are Actually Spin-Offs

Samantha Sutton | Mar 15, 2019 TV
Image: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Vanderpump Rules
Tommy Garcia/Bravo

We have a whole bunch of TV shows on our must-watch list (seriously, it's getting out of hand). Admittedly, a handful of them fall somewhere in the realm of reality. We honestly can't help it. One minute, we're casually tuning in and rolling our eyes at the ridiculousness of it all, the next, we're hoping that the person we really like will win this thing, or that the drama between friends will soon be resolved (and, ugh, we have to wait until next week to find out).

We know we're not alone when it comes to this TV guilty pleasure -- practically anyone who logged on Twitter during The Bachelor finale could tell us this is the case. Considering even some major stars have been the product of reality TV, we doubt the genre will be taking a hit anytime soon.

With the success of reality television, we're only seeing more of these shows popping up every few months. Sometimes, they'll include a new concept or competition. Other times, they'll star people we've already gotten to know elsewhere.

Yep, reality spin-offs are most definitely a thing.

It isn't even something we immediately realized until we started going through the list of our favorite reality TV shows. The Bachelorette, for instance? That was a spin-off. MTV's Teen Mom? We forgot it's a spin-off. Even Million Dollar Listing New York is a spin-off of the original, LA-based series!

Of course, not every follow-up series ends up becoming as massively successful as the original. Like any other type of show, there's always a risk, and sometimes, things end up getting canceled after just a season or two. However, we won't forget all of the shows to come out of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, or the competitions that opted to do a kids version, too.

We're rounding some of our favorite reality TV show spin-offs.

  • 'Teen Mom'


    The story couldn't have just ended with 16 and Pregnant! We needed to know what happened to the parents and how those new babies were doing. So, Teen Mom -- and later, Teen Mom 2, following the next group of moms -- was born, turning many of the cast members into household names.

  • 'America's Got Talent: The Champions'


    America's Got Talent has managed to bring us a handful of cool acts -- from singers, to comedians, to magicians, and more. So why not take those winners and season finalists, combine them with top talent from other countries, and have them compete against each other to become the true champion?

    That's what went on in this highly addicting spin-off.

  • 'American Juniors'


    Here's a show that needs to be rebooted!

    Back in the early days of American Idol, there was a kids' version of the singing competition called American Juniors, where the winners were put into a band rather than launching a solo career.

    Fun fact: Lucy Hale competed on it (and made the band!) long before she made it big on Pretty Little Liars.

  • 'The Hills'


    After graduating from high school on Laguna Beach, the world wasn't done with following the life of Lauren Conrad. So, the star got her own show, giving us a look at her move to LA, the new set of friends she made out there, and her internship at Teen Vogue.

    The Hills was one of our favorite shows during the '00s and is making a comeback sooner than later. That's right, The Hills revival is on the way!

  • 'The City'


    A spin-off from a spin-off? Yep!

    This time, it was Whitney Port, who we were originally introduced to on The Hills. In The City, we followed her as she moved to NYC to work for Diane Von Furstenberg.

  • 'Total Bellas'


    We first got a behind-the-scenes look at WWE's female wrestlers on Total Divas, but folks were too interested in the twins, Brie and Nikki Bella -- as well as their relationships with other wrestlers -- for things to stop there. So, the two got a show that focused solely on them, and we got a firsthand look at the relationship drama that went down between Nikki and John Cena.

  • 'Vanderpump Rules'