20 Pics of Amber Portwood's Baby We Can't Resist

Nicole Pomarico | Mar 19, 2019 TV
20 Pics of Amber Portwood's Baby We Can't Resist

Amber Portwood

We've seen Amber Portwood come a long way since 16 & Pregnant, and watching her on Teen Mom OG, it seems like she's happier than ever. Since she welcomed baby James into her life with boyfriend Andrew Glennon, Amber has practically been glowing, and it's easy to see why. James is absolutely adorable, and we can't get enough of the photos she's been sharing of him on Instagram as he grows. She is truly in her element in this new chapter in her life, and James is the apple of his mama's eye. Can we blame her? Somehow, with every new photo she posts, he gets even cuter. We don't know how it's possible!

It hasn't been easy for Amber, and she's shared her struggle with PPD, too. But that doesn't mean she hasn't been an amazing mom to James, and it's really showed in how much she loves and cares for her little boy, who is such a happy baby. Welcoming a newborn into your home is never easy for any family, but we've seen Amber do an amazing job, and one day, James will understand what an awesome mom he has. 

We've loved watching James grow since he was born last year, and it's so hard to believe that he's already almost a year old. Over the past year, we've gotten to see him spend time with his mom and dad (and look more and more like them every single day), get in quality time with his big sister, Leah -- who totally adores him -- and share all those sweet baby smiles we just can't get enough of. And through it all, Amber has shared all those moments on her Instagram, and we've loved every second of it.

Here are all the cutest photos of baby James that we just can't help but gush over. Amber is a lucky mama, but we have a feeling she already knows that. Keep those photos coming, Amber!

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