20 Pics of Catelynn & Tyler Baltierra's Home That Prove They Need a DIY Show

Nicole Pomarico | Mar 23, 2020 TV
20 Pics of Catelynn & Tyler Baltierra's Home That Prove They Need a DIY Show

Catelynn Baltierra, Tyler Baltierra

After meeting Catelynn Baltierra and Tyler Baltierra on 16 & Pregnant all those years ago, we feel like we know everything about them. But over the past couple of years, they've truly surprised us with a skill we didn't know they had: home renovation. Since they moved into their new octagon house on Teen Mom OG, they've renovated their home from the inside out, transforming a total fixer upper into a new house all their own. The home has so many personal touches and such gorgeous decor it has totally blown us away. We're completely impressed -- it's like these two are a younger version of Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Since they started remodeling the house, Catelynn and Tyler have kept fans updated on their progress, and it seems to have become a real passion project for them. Step by step, they've been working hard on turning this house into somewhere they'll be proud to live. And now that they've turned it into a beautiful home, we're completely jealous. Everything about the house is beautiful, from the wraparound front porch to the furnishings and the pretty blue walls.

Even more impressive, they haven't let anything get in the way of their project -- not fighting for their marriage, not taking care of Nova or running their business, not welcoming baby Vaeda into their lives. Through it all, they've managed to get this massive undertaking done, and we're so proud of them! 

Here are all the photos that Catelynn and Tyler have shared of their house so far that have us totally convinced that they're the next Chip and Joanna. If HGTV isn't considering giving them their own show yet, then MTV should totally consider a spinoff. We'd definitely watch these two team up for some home makeovers!

  • The Octagon House at Night


    How gorgeous is this nighttime shot? Especially when we remember that this porch didn't exist before Catelynn and Tyler bought the house, and it ended up being one of our favorite additions they made to it during their renovation. It really adds a wow factor as soon as we see it -- and we know from watching the show that they've really enjoyed sitting out on this porch with their kids. 

  • The Kitchen


    It's hard to know where to start with this kitchen. Everything from the counters to the farmhouse sink to the light fixtures is really beautiful, and it just goes to show how much effort they truly put into every decision they made while renovating their house. Even the cabinets -- especially the ones with the glass -- look so nice and elevate the whole room. 

    Cate and Ty are going to love cooking here!

  • The Kitchen Table


    Another shot of their kitchen, and it definitely does not disappoint. The eat in area is just as pretty as the rest of the room, and there's no doubt they'll create plenty of happy family memories here over food. This will be a beautiful place for their family to sit and eat, especially with all of that natural lighting. The wreath on the wall is such a nice touch, and it coordinates well with the flowers, too. 

  • Looking in on the Cabinets


    This view of the kitchen gives an even better look at the table and what we'd be seeing as we ate breakfast at Cate's table. We love this! It has such a bright feel, and the industrial light above it really adds to the vibe in the room (and so do the sconces on the wall). It's really nice that they have this separate eating area from the rest of the kitchen, giving Catelynn and Tyler plenty of room to cook.

  • Baby Vaeda's Nursery


    After Vaeda's arrival, Tyler shared this photo of her room. How sweet is it? We love the way the paneling on the walls contrasts with her crib, and that mint color is too cute. Everything is so bright and fresh here, which seems exactly right for a baby's room, given the amount of time that Catelynn and Tyler probably spent in here in those first few months after bringing Vaeda home. 

  • The Dining Room


    Is this dining room a dream or what? We love the eat-in kitchen, but this looks like the best place of all to enjoy dinner together as a family. The walls are gorgeous, and that table is to die for. The farmhouse theme continues here with so many beautiful and unique pieces that are pretty different from what we've seen in other people's houses. It's clear that a lot of work went into this dining room.

  • The Dining Room Table


    Can we take a second to gush over this table in particular? We love that it's got benches instead of regular chairs, which has been a trend lately as more and more people embrace the farmhouse decor style. The benches aren't everyone's thing, but it definitely seems to suit Cate and Ty, and it will fit their family when they come over to share a meal. 

    Besides, the craftsmanship is gorgeous.

  • Dining Room Details


    Another piece of evidence of how much thought and care went into each and every design choice that Catelynn and Tyler made while renovating and decorating this home -- even just in the corner of the dining room. The curtains, the light fixture, the hutch in the corner ... we love it all! Tyler said that he had each of the pieces in this room custom made to fit his vision, and it definitely shows.

  • The Living Room


    Their living room is just as interesting as their dining room -- just look at the pieces like the rug and the coffee table! The couch has plenty of seating, too, which is awesome not just for Cate and Tyler's family, but for when other friends and family come over to visit. The blue paint on the walls is definitely uncommon for a living room, but it really manages to brighten up the space and fits the room.

  • The Antique Fireplace


    Tyler showed off this fireplace on Instagram, and for good reason -- it's from France! This is just another one of the details that they were so proud of in their new house, and it looks like it was definitely worth the extra effort.

    "That fireplace was brought here from France. The original home owner was a captain & wanted an exotic piece in the home. It’s even older than the house itself!" he wrote.

  • Nova's Room


    Nova's room was one of the first completed rooms that Tyler and Catelynn showed off, and they seemed so proud of it, just as they were proud of Vaeda's room decor, too. And it sounded like Nova loved it, too, which is obviously what matters most! 

    "Finally got Novalee’s new room all done for her! She was so excited & it melted this daddy’s heart to see her so happy," Tyler wrote.

  • And Her Hideaway


    As if Nova's room didn't look like a little girl's dream enough when we got the first look at it, the little details are making us super jealous that this isn't our room instead. It looks so magical -- especially with all that twinkly lighting -- and we can imagine her entertaining herself in here for hours. (We're sure her parents are hoping so, anyway.) Who wouldn't love to camp out in here?! 

    Nova's one lucky kid!

  • The Master Bathroom


    As far as having the opportunity to relax, we couldn't imagine a better place to chill out than this room here. The subway tiles on the wall of the shower are too cute and contrast so well with the wood cabinets. 

    And that tub?! 

    That tub looks like the perfect place to take a soak and chill after a long day of taking care of the kiddos. We hope Cate gets plenty of chances to take advantage of it!

  • The Light Fixtures


    The lights were one of the most important parts of the renovation for Tyler. When he posted this photo, he explained why:

    "Light fixtures actually take me the longest to pick out when I’m renovating. It’s the center of every room & sets the whole tone of the atmosphere it’s in," he said. "Took me forever to find Nova’s cowgirl chandelier! This house is really coming together & I’m actually pretty proud of it!" 

  • Outside Progress


    Tyler posted this before and after shot of the octagon house, saying how much he loved turning it into something based on his own preferences. He wrote:

    "BEFORE & AFTER of our octagon farmhouse! Making these dreams a reality, one renovation design at a time! The porch was the very first thing I KNEW I needed to do to create more depth aesthetically & accentuate it’s unique shape. I could have built a new home or bought a home that was already done, but what’s the fun in that!?"

  • Hickory Cabinets


    We've admired these cabinets in all of the photos that they've shared of the kitchen, but we need to really appreciate this closer look at them, too. Honestly, we adore these hickory cabinets, and they go well with the white subway tile and white counters they chose. With an eye for design like this, Cate and Tyler could do wonders for other people's kitchens, too. 

    We'd hire them for sure! 

  • The Hardwood Floors


    Tyler and Catelynn restored the home's original floors, and they came out looking awesome. It definitely had to have been a challenge. After all, it would have been way easier to just replace them with brand new flooring. But obviously, it ended up being well worth the hard work that they put into it. These floors came out so beautifully, especially after they'd just been shined. 


  • Setting Up the Master Closet 


    Tyler hung all the shelves in the master closet himself, which is pretty impressive -- and it makes us pretty jealous, because we'd kill to have this kind of storage! While we know that Catelynn and Tyler definitely had some extra help from contractors during the renovation process, we're still in awe of everything they did themselves to customize the home to be exactly what they wanted.

  • Putting in the Counters


    Anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen will tell you that countertops are pretty important. After all, they set the vibe of the whole room, and we really love the ones that Catelynn and Tyler went with these. These quartz countertops came out so nice, especially next to the pretty hickory cabinets -- and they should be pretty easy to clean, too, which means a lot. 

    We're jealous!

  • Adding the Wraparound Porch


    We mentioned the porch earlier, but this closer look really makes us appreciate how awesome it really is, even if it was a lot of extra work. It may have been a huge undertaking, but the porch was truly the perfect finishing touch to the house's exterior. We don't doubt that they'll make a lot of happy memories out on that porch for years to come, watching Nova and Vaeda play in the yard.

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