'Scream'-Inspired Parody Shows How a Millennial Would Survive a Horror Movie

Saturday Night Live horror movie parody
Saturday Night Live/YouTube

If there's one thing we love more than a good Hallmark movie, it's a horror flick that gives us the chills. We love fan-imagined movie trailers and the anticipation of scary films coming out. Welp, it appears we have something else to look forward to (not really, but roll with us) as video of a Scream parody movie made the light of day, and we can't stop laughing.

  • Pete Davidson stars as Chad in The Unknown Caller.

    The funnyman has played this character on Saturday Night Live before, but this is the first time we've seen him have to survive a horror movie

    (Sidenote: Is that a random bottle of lotion we see on the coffee table. Yeah ... we don't want to know.)

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  • He gets a call from a "ghostface," just like in the Scream movies.

    The unnamed psycho tries his best to intimidate Chad as he seems hell-bent on terrorizing him in his home -- much like the killers in Scream.

    (Spoiler alert: This video parodies Drew Barrymore's cameo in Scream, and it didn't end too well for her character in that movie.)

  • But Pete (well Chad) is unfazed by it all, giving one- to three-word responses and tuning out the killer to watch Ridiculousness.

    "Do you want to play a game?"

    - "Oh, no thanks."


  • It's safe to say things don't go exactly as planned that makes it all the more hilarious.

    At one point, we actually feel kinda sad for the ghostface who tried his hardest to get (and keep) Carl's attention.

    Boy was that a fail (LOL).

  • Folks are having a field day with this video, poking fun at Chad's nonchalant behavior -- and him being a millennial.

    Womp, womp.

    Another millennial joke. But if we're being honest, some of these responses are on point.

  • And judging by the reaction, people either liked it or hated it.

    Facebook comments

    The comments about The Unknown Caller are quite mixed. It looks like people either think SNL is whack, Pete Davidson is funny, or the skit completely missed the mark.

  • Those curious about The Unknown Caller can check out the scary movie parody here:

    Honestly, it was kind of entertaining to watch for what it was.

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