Milo Ventimiglia Hints 'This Is Us' Might Not End When We Think

Christopher Peterson/Splash News

Milo Ventimiglia
Christopher Peterson/Splash News

By now, folks have likely heard that This Is Us is ending sooner than later. (Spoiler alert: We have three more seasons to enjoy.) Some people are satisfied with the news, whereas others are still coming to grips they have to say goodbye to the Pearson family in a few more years. Milo Ventimiglia is opening up about the show's ending that has a number of fans ready to say goodbye right now.

  • Milo sat down with Ellen to talk about This Is Us while hinting that the show might not end with season six.

    "We never know where we're going to go. We never know what's going to happen," Milo told Ellen about the This Is Us ending and why it could live on longer than expected.

    "The show could have a huge spike in season six and everybody wants more beyond that, but I think creatively, they have an idea of what they'd like to do to kind of wrap it up in this nice story.

    At least the audience knows, the fans know, they're going to get three more seasons, which is nice we can commit," he says. "It's not like, will it be on? Won't it be on? But then beyond that, yeah, maybe there will be more. I don't know."

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  • But it doesn't appear people are super excited about the show anymore.

    Even though This Is Us does have some more time before it pulls the plug for good, other series -- such as Fuller House -- are a part of a handful of TV shows coming to an end soon that are getting mixed reaction (should it stay on, or should it go?).

  • A number of people are ready to bid adieu to the Pearson family as they're kinda tired of This Is Us.

    Facebook comments

    Judging by these comments, it's quite clear many viewers are becoming less and less interested in the show. They think it had a great run but want them to throw in the towel sooner than later.

  • Are we done with This Is Us?

    Whether ya like This Is Us or not, the show is here to stay -- at least for three more seasons. Maybe writers will make the decision to go past their slated end if season six turns out to be magical. Or maybe they'll just wrap it up as planned.

    Time will have to tell.

  • Check out Milo Ventimiglia's interview with Ellen DeGeneres here: