Mackenzie Standifer Shares a Bittersweet Message for Ryan Edwards

Ryan Edwards, Mackenzie Standifer

We can't imagine what life is like for Mackenzie Standifer knowing that Ryan Edwards won't be out of jail for another couple of months, but she remembered her hubby on Valentine's Day anyway. On Thursday, Mack shared a bittersweet message for Ryan on her Instagram story, showing that despite everything that happened, it seems these two are still going strong. 

  • Mack shared a photo of some pretty pink flowers, along with a framed photo of her and Ryan.

    Mackenzie Standifer Instagram story

    No word on who the flowers are from -- maybe her parents or Ryan's, or maybe Ryan had someone send her flowers from him. Either way, she marked the holiday even though her husband couldn't be with her. It's sweet that she still celebrated their relationship, even if things aren't exactly easy or happy for them this year.

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  • We've been wondering what Mackenzie's game plan is now that Ryan has been gone for so long.

    Between his Tinder drama, arrest, and now jail time, it seemed as if his relationship with Mack would be on the rocks, but apparently not. Through it all, Mackenzie has continued to share family photos and pictures of her and Ryan together, like this one that was taken on New Year's Eve, so we have to assume that they're at least trying to make things work for now.

  • And until this latest development, they've been playing the role of the happy family.

    If we just paid attention to Instagram, we'd think all was well, but the news just keeps on coming, so we know behind the scenes that things have been rough for Mackenzie and Ryan. We're really curious about how all of this is going to play out on Teen Mom OG next season, but for now, it seems safe to assume that Mack and Ryan are still together, and when Ryan is released from jail in the beginning of April, maybe we'll find out more details. 

  • 'Til then, we hope Mack is doing okay.

    Taking care of a baby by yourself is no joke, especially while you're worried about your husband. We hope she has lots of help and that she's taking care of herself too.