40 TV Shows That Didn't Get the Ending They Deserved

Samantha Sutton | Feb 15, 2019 TV

Full House
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One way to ensure that we'll keep tuning in to our favorite TV shows week after week or season after season? Well, aside from the promise of certain celebrities popping up as series regulars or guest stars, we live for all the suspense. We need to find out how certain a plot points will play out, or how the story in general will be wrapped up in the finale.

Is the couple we're rooting for actually going to get together? Did that catastrophic event end up killing our favorite character? Who is this mysterious figure that appeared in those last few moments?

Tell us, tell us, tell us!

Of course, sometimes, the answers we're seeking never end up coming.

For whatever reason -- whether it's poor ratings, some sort of off-camera drama with the cast and/or creators, or budget cuts -- some series  end up being canceled prematurely, meaning  the major cliffhanger that happened in the last episode is what we have to live with ... forever. (Unless, of course, it eventually gets rebooted.) Years later, we still have questions about what exactly happened, or what was going to happen with our favorite characters. Many times, it's clear that there were big plans underway.

... they just never had the chance to go through with them before the show was pulled.

So, which unexpected and untimely finales left us confused, frustrated, and desperately wanting more? We've narrowed our list down to 40, but we're betting there are a bunch more!

  • 'Full House'


    Michelle lost her memory, and the family rallies around her as she tries to remember. Yes, it's touching, but is it the ending that we pictured? No.

    Thankfully, we ended up getting Fuller House, which promises to wrap things up pretty neatly when it ends after five seasons.

  • 'Girlfriends'


    Sadly, this show was canceled out of the blue following a writers' strike, when The CW had to decide where to best spend the network's money. None of the story lines on Girlfriends were wrapped up, and while we were promised a retrospective-type finale as a conclusion, we never got that, either.


  • 'Freaks and Geeks'


    Lindsay's parents think she's headed to an academic summit, but she sneaks off the bus and decides to follow the Grateful Dead on tour instead. The setup for something else was clearly there, but we never got to see what it was!

  • 'The Arrangement'


    Yes, the main characters were mixed up in the dramas of Hollywood and a powerful cult, but people were still rooting for them to end up together. Unfortunately, the second season ended with a cheating scandal, and the show was canceled before they got the chance to get back together.

  • 'My Name Is Earl'


    We were left with a "who's the father" mystery and a "To Be Continued ..." at the end of the final episode, but the show was never continued.

  • 'Pushing Daisies'


    People came for the pie maker that brought the dead back to life, but they stayed for the relationship between Ned and Chuck -- something the show's creator said wouldn't have been fully resolved for many years, let alone in the unexpected series finale.

  • 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles'


    A time jump into the future? There are so many ways that one could have played out, but, sadly, it didn't get the chance.

  • 'Dallas'


    Are we seriously going to leave things off with Elena finding out she's pregnant, and then watching Christopher's car explode?! Seriously?!

  • 'Reunion'


    The whole premise of this show was to go back in time and follow the lives of a group of friends in order to see who murdered one of them. Unfortunately, it was axed before we could find out (but not before we were invested).

  • 'Southland'


    The very end of the final episode showed one of the main characters, John Cooper, shot, and viewers not knowing if he's dead or alive.

  • 'The Secret Circle'


    For the final episode of this magical show, it looks as if four new, mysterious characters are headed to town. We figured we'd find out their story in season two, but to this day, we still have no idea who they are.

  • 'Kyle XY'


    Kyle -- aka the alien without a bellybutton -- finds out at the end that his enemy is actually his brother.

  • 'My So-Called Life'


    This show barely got a chance, but ended up becoming a cult favorite -- despite all the unanswered questions we were left with. The creator later revealed that Angela would've ended up with Jordan, and Brian gets paired with Delia. But it would've been nice to see it play out on screen!

  • 'Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman'


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