Jason Tartick Just Called Kaitlyn Bristowe His 'Better Half'

Kaitlyn Bristowe

If we weren't totally convinced that Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick are the cutest Bachelor Nation couple ever, this new photo just might be all the proof we need. Jason posted the first couple-y photo of him and Kaitlyn on Instagram and said she's his valentine. We can't get enough of how adorable these two are. 

  • We love everything about this photo: 

    Those huge smiles on their faces, that tight hug -- so precious! We know they've only been dating for a short time, but it looks like they're already so in love.

    "So grateful for you," Jason wrote. Aww. 

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  • Kaitlyn commented on the photo, as if we weren't gushing over the post enough...

    Yes, he is the cutest thing ever. We are so glad they're a couple! 

  • And Blake, Jason's Bachelorette BFF, chimed in to let everyone know that he is responsible for taking this gorgeous photo.

    Well done, Blake!

  • Then, there's Jason's other post -- the one where he called Kaitlyn his valentine. 

    He shared this photo for a giveaway, writing, "There’s been a lot of travel as of late to see my better half, so this year I’m giving @grotravel to my valentine (oh hey, @kaitlynbristowe)." 

    His better half. Isn't that adorable?! Things might still be pretty new between them, but Kaitlyn and Jason have obviously hit it off really quickly, and we love that they talk about each other so often like this.

  • We can't wait to find out what special Valentine's Day plans these two have up their sleeves.

    Hopefully they get to spend the holiday -- their first! -- together. We just know that there are tons of adorable Instagram stories in our future.