'Dawson's Creek' Reboot With Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise Isn't Happening

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Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise
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Some things just sound too good to be true! With so much talk about reboots and '90s TV shows as of late, there's certain news -- more so than Lost possibly coming back -- that makes us stop and take pause. Rumors were swirling that Katie Holmes might do a Dawson's Creek reboot with her daughter Suri, which sounds more like a dream than reality.

  • Dawson's Creek ran for six seasons and was a show that was very unusual in its own right.

    The cast of Dawson's Creek
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    The teen drama aired from 1998 to 2003 and had us choosing sides (Team Dawson or Team Pacey), wondering if Joey and Pacey stayed together.

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  • The show celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2018 and brought everyone together.

    Well, almost everyone -- the Dawson's Creek reunion snubbed Mary-Margaret Humes and John Wesley Shipp, who played Dawson's parents.

    (Yes, really.)

  • Welp, NW, or New Weekly Magazine, reports a possible Dawson's Creek reboot could be on the way with both Katie Holmes *and* Suri Cruise.

    Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise
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    The publication alleges the original cast -- including Joshua Jackson, Michelle Williams, and James Van Der Beek -- are reportedly discussing a "very hush-hush" project that could include Katie and Suri. An insider told the mag "there have been a lot of secret discussions and meetings about doing another series or a one-off special."

    "Suri has expressed an interest in acting, and this could be the perfect opportunity for her to get a taste of what that world is like while having her mom by her side," the unnamed source continued of the possible Dawson's Creek reboot and Suri Cruise playing Joey and Pacey's daughter. "Nothing has been decided yet, but never say never!"

  • And as awesome as that would be, it doesn't look to be true.

    GossipCop.com reports talks of a Dawson's Creek reboot is just fake news. The outlet claims to have spoken with a rep for Katie Holmes who says the story is completely "untrue" and calls rumors of Suri's involvement "nuts."

    Granted, GossipCop.com has been wrong in the past (thinking about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux calling it quits after much denial about the rumors), if the publication spoke to a rep who said it's not true, we have to assume it's not true.

    With that said, Michelle Williams is open to a Dawson's Creek revival even though her character (Jen) passed away on the show. "I think I've been waving that flag for a while, like why not?" she recently confessed. "Although my character died, so I'd have to be a ghost."

  • Honestly, we would've liked to have seen it.

    Guess we can't reboot and remake every show known to man.

    Ah well.

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