20 Forgotten '90s Teen TV Shows That Were Simply the Best

Madison Breaux | Feb 15, 2019 TV
20 Forgotten '90s Teen TV Shows That Were Simply the Best

Sweet Valley High
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Oh how we loved the 1990s. The decade may have brought us some pretty cringe-worthy fashion and beauty trends (most of it we would very much like to forget), but if there's one thing the era got right, it was TV shows. It was the years of Friends, SeinfeldThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Full House. Yes, it really doesn't get much better than that, but there are some TV series that don't get as much recognition as the ones that are still somewhat mainstream. (Sorry, Friends, but it's time to share the love a little bit, no?) Every decade has some gems that get lost as time passes, but we're here to make sure that the classic of the '90s aren't completely forgotten.

A lot of these TV shows didn't last for many seasons, but that doesn't mean they were any less enjoyable. From angsty teenage dramas to feel-good sitcoms, the years of the '90s were packed with unbelievable television. It's making us realize what started our obsession with bingeing shows like we've never seen a TV before. If it were up to us, we'd call this the golden age of teenage television. Today's teens might never know the joys of Sister, Sister or Kenan & Kel ... well, not if we have something to do about it. It's time to dig deep (and we mean deep) into the archives of '90s teen shows and start spreading the love.

So, let's all take a walk down memory lane and appreciate these 20 forgotten '90s teen shows. The only thing left to do is start petitioning to Netflix to put some of these up for streaming.

  • 'The Secret World of Alex Mack'


    With Nickelodeon reviving Are You Afraid of the Dark?, we really need for it to give us back The Secret World of Alex Mack. Sure, we got four seasons of Alex Mack tackling life after an accident with a top secret chemical that gave her some ... interesting powers.

  • 'City Guys'


    The minute we heard "C-I-T-Y. You can see why. These guys are streetwise," we knew one of our favorite shows of the moment was about to come on. City Guys followed two Manhattan High School students who were trying to stay out of trouble while causing it.

    Plus, the show starred Dion Basco, whose brother, Dante Basco, is Rufio from Hook.

  • 'Brotherly Love'


    Fans of the once hit show Blossom might remember Joey Lawrence starring in a sitcom with his brother -- aptly titled Brotherly Love. Though the show only lasted for two years, we got 40 episodes with Joey, Matthew, and Andrew about half-brothers who come together after an accident claims their father's life.

  • 'Teen Angel'


    By eating a six-month-old hamburger, this teen dies and becomes his best friend's guardian angel. This show didn't last long, but boy was it a fun ride while it was on air.

  • 'Swan's Crossing'


    This short-lived show followed the lives of 12 super rich teens as they cause all sorts of trouble and mayhem in their hometown.

  • 'Weird Science'


    This TV recreation of the classic 1980s flick surprisingly lasted for five seasons in the '90s, and had the same premise of two boys creating the girl of their dreams on their computer.

  • 'Odd Man Out'


    A teenage boy lives with five girls ... what could possibly go wrong?? This show only lasted for 13 episodes, so it's definitely one of the more easily forgotten ones.

  • 'Sweet Valley High'


    Two twin sisters, who couldn't be more opposites of each other, live in Sweet Valley, California. The more mischievous of the siblings gets them into all kinds of trouble.

    Sweet Valley High was definitely one of our favorite shows.

  • 'Hang Time'


    Seven athletic high schoolers navigate their ways through school ... and life on the Deering High School basketball team.

  • 'Get Real'


    Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg? Yes please!

    The Green family is a little, as they say, dysfunctional. However, it's hard not to be with a mid-life crisis and kids that are entering the height of their teenage years. Unfortunately, this show only has 22 episodes to its name, but we did get to see some pretty awesome Hollywood stars in their younger years.

  • 'Ready or Not'


    Now this one actually got to air for five seasons, and maybe because it was oh-so relatable. Ready or Not was about two teenage friends just going through life together.

    We've all been there, right?

  • 'Clueless'


    Yes, they did make a TV spin-off of THAT classic rom-com. It surprisingly lasted for three seasons -- so they must have been doing something right.

  • 'Flash Forward'


    Oh, middle school. Absolutely no one wants to go back, but it could be fun to relive it through these four middle school pals.

  • 'The Heights'


    In what was only 12 episodes, these teenagers that lived in "the Heights" formed a band called ... yup ... The Heights.

    (So original.)

  • 'Popular'


    In a Drake and Josh scenario, these two high schoolers (one popular and one not-so) are forced to be together, because their parents are getting married.

    So ... Drake and Josh before Drake and Josh was cool??

  • 'The Famous Jett Jackson'


    In The Famous Jett Jackson, the kid actor decides to move back home to live a normal life. And well ... that doesn't really work out so great. This show had a rocking 65 episodes, so kudos to Jett Jackson.

  • 'Breaker High'


    So before there was the Suite Life on Deck, there was Breaker High. These teenagers attend a high school on a cruise ship, but the show only lasted for 44 episodes.

  • 'California Dreams'


    What teenager wouldn't love to live in California and be a part of a band?? This show was filled with lots of music, and lots of drama, of course.

  • 'Fifteen' (formerly 'Hillside')


    The students of Hillside High dealt with a lot of drama in this show. Everything from divorce, dating, and alcohol abuse was covered in the show's four seasons.

    Plus, we get to see a young Ryan Reynolds which is a plus!

  • 'Malibu Shores'


    Before we saw her on Felicity, Keri Russell starred as Chloe Walker in Malibu Shores, a short-lived television series about wealthy teens from Malibu (hence the title) who cross paths with teens from working class families who live in the San Fernando Valley.

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