Kailyn Lowry's Baby Plans Aren't Sitting Well With 'Teen Mom 2' Fans

Kailyn Lowry

Another baby on the way? Kailyn Lowry has always been open about wanting at least one more kid after welcoming son Lux Lopez in 2017. But now, she's getting hate for her choices. During an interview with Studology 101 (via OK! Magazine), Kail said she wants another baby -- and that she wants it to be a girl -- and now that Teen Mom 2 fans have caught wind of this, they couldn't shut down her choice fast enough.

  • It all started when Kail linked to the article in her Instagram bio. 

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    According to what Kail said in the interview, she's definitely into having more kids.

    "I would love to have girls," she said. "I always wanted boys but now that I have three and I didn't find out what I was having for any of them, I've had enough surprises we got three boys, now I want a girl."

    She went on to say that she'd want to use gender selection to ensure that her next baby was a girl, and that she'd want to use a sperm donation from one of her existing kids' fathers, so as to not bring a fourth baby daddy into her life. 

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  • People couldn't rip into her fast enough in the comments.

    Like this one, who called her desperate and brought up the fact that Lux isn't vaccinated. That's a different discussion for a different day, but does it really make her desperate that she'd like to have another child in the future? We don't think so.

  • Others took it a step further, calling her a bad mom and "terrible" role model in general.

    From what we've seen of Kail on the show, we'd say she's far from a terrible mother. We've seen her raise kiddos on her own while graduating high school and college, start her own businesses, and tackle insurmountable odds without any help -- and those kids of hers have always been so loved and had everything they needed and wanted. We think she's doing pretty well! 

  • There were plenty of comments like this one, which weren't classy at all.

    Um, what Kail does with her legs (and her body) is her business only.

  • Another commenter called her out for something she'd said in the past.

    There were obviously a lot of reasons why things didn't work out with Kail and Javi, so can we stop bringing it up? They haven't been together for a long time.

  • Even though the positive comments were few and far between, some people DID defend Kail -- and that prompted her to defend herself.

    Good for Kail for speaking up -- she has every right to tell the haters to quit! She's right: All that negative energy people are using leaving her nasty comments is a total waste. Why bother?

  • How Kail chooses to expand her family in the future is her business.

    And when and if she does decide to have a daughter, we'll be here, cheering her on. Can you imagine how adorable Isaac, Lincoln, and Lux will be with a baby sister?!