'Fuller House' Might End With a Bunch of Weddings

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In case someone hasn't heard the news, Fuller House is expected to end after its fifth season, and it's safe to say that fans are kind of bummed. Although we hate to see the show go -- and now know there's zero possibility of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen guest-starring on the show before it ends -- we still might get a happy ending after all. Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin are opening up about Fuller House's ending and the possibility of a wedding ... or three!

  • Candace and Jodie spoke out about Fuller House ending during the 2019 Television Critics Association Awards.

    Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin attend 2019 TCA Awards
    Rachel Luna/Getty Images

    Candace is happy the show will be wrapped up in a way that makes sense. Speaking with E! News about Fuller House coming to an end, the star decided to look on the bright side. 

    "We are very happy that we get to have a proper ending to the show, unlike the original show," the celeb mom said. "And this is very typical of what Netflix does with their shows, so we don't feel like it's a shock or 'Oh, we were canceled.' No, they're just wrapping up our show."

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  • While they aren't 100 percent sure how writers will wrap up things, they think a few weddings might be on the horizon -- possibly a "triple wedding."

    "We're definitely gonna have a wedding," Candace hinted. "I don't know if we'll have one, two, or three weddings, there's gonna be a wedding."

    As for Jodie, she loves the idea of every couple saying "I do."

    "Candace and Andrea and I have all talked, and we think a triple wedding might be kind of a fun way to go out, with Jimmy and Steph, and Steve and DJ, and Kimmy and Fernando," she confessed. "I think that would be a nice way to tie everything up."

  • Still, Jodie added that this might not be goodbye.

    "The fans have been heartbroken -- grateful that the show had come back and that they've gotten as much as they have -- but there's already several petitions online to try and save the show," she revealed, before adding that she doesn't know if they'll have any luck and that it's "bittersweet to be leaving." 

    Recently, Bob Saget talked about Fuller House ending and how fans can try to save the show -- so who knows what will happen down the road?
  • Candace even said she's willing to come back for a spin-off in her later years.

    When asked about it, her response was "never say never," and even added "there could always be a revival somewhere else."


    "When I turn 60, I'm still going for Fullest House," she said. "Jodie, Andrea, and I are going to do it Golden Girls style."

  • She might have to fight the ladies of Friends for that one!

    Jennifer Aniston also spoke about a remake of The Golden Girls with Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow.

    (If anything, this is a sign that we need a reboot of The Golden Girls!)

  • Watch the full interview, below:

    At the very least, we can always catch these two on the Hallmark Channel!