Surprise! There's Another 'Teen Mom' Baby on the Way

Kayla Sessler

Looks like congrats are in order! Another addition is coming to the Teen Mom family! Remember Kayla Sessler from Young & Pregnant? She's about to make her son, Izaiah, a big brother. Kayla is officially pregnant with her second child, and it sounds as if she's pretty excited about the news. 

  • Kayla announced the news on Instagram this week with a photo of Izaiah sporting a new "big brother" T-shirt.

    Kayla didn't share too many details, but she did share her baby's due date in her caption: August 2019. 

    Although Izaiah's dad is Stephan, the guy she was originally with on Young & Pregnant, this time around she's having a baby with boyfriend Luke Davis, who also shared the pregnancy announcement on his Instagram page. How exciting! 

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  • Kayla also posted a photo of Izaiah holding sonogram photos -- how precious.

    Izaiah is only a little over a year old -- 17 months in February -- so he and his little brother or sister are going to be pretty close in age. Hopefully, that means that they're destined to be BFFs instead of at each other's throats! But knowing how sweet Izaiah seems on the show and in the Instagram posts that Kayla shares, we don't doubt that he'll be the best big brother.

  • On the show, Kayla and Izaiah's dad had a pretty turbulent relationship, so it's no surprise that they've been split up for a while.

    There was always so much drama between them, so it might for the best that they're over. We wonder what he thinks about Kayla's pregnancy? Not that it would matter to her -- she is really, really happy with Luke.

  • We're so happy for Kayla and can't wait for more updates on her pregnancy.

    Congrats, girl! And congrats to Izaiah, too. The photos of him and his new little brother or sister are bound to be absolutely adorable.