Barbara Evans Admits She Believes David Eason Is 'Hurting' Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans, Barbara Evans

Over the years, we've seen Jenelle Evans and her mom, Barbara Evans have some pretty rocky times in their relationship, and unfortunately, they could be heading for another one. On Monday's new episode of Teen Mom 2, Barbara admitted she's worried about Jenelle, and after seeing the way things have played out since Jenelle's 911 call, we can't blame her.

  • First of all, Jenelle was barely on the episode -- mostly because she refused to film. 

    Obviously, the 911 call leaking got to Jenelle enough that she reverted back to her old ways, despite how much progress she and her mom have made in their relationship. Bringing up the Jace custody issue again? We thought that had been put to bed a long time ago.

    And then, we got to see exactly what happened when Jenelle tried to roll into Jace's game with David by her side, who obviously isn't allowed to film. MTV had to shut down production, and everything spiraled from there. 

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  • The texts Jenelle sent the producers were so out of line, but what really got us was seeing Babs break down into tears.

    Because Barbara has been in an abusive relationship herself, she knows the signs, and it seems she's truly worried about Jenelle -- in fact, like she said on the show, she thinks David is "hurting" Jenelle.

    “I think he’s hurting her," she said. "I can see it. It’s a domestic violence thing, and he’s keeping her like a prisoner. She can’t even leave her house.”

  • Earlier this season, Barbara said she was trying to be chill and let Jenelle come to her, but it seems as if it's really wearing on her.

    And why wouldn't it be? This is a really tough situation for anyone to witness someone they love going through, let alone seeing your own daughter go through something you've been through yourself. We just wanted to hug Barbara after seeing her cry. The whole thing just sucks, and we get why she's so concerned.

  • Meanwhile, Jenelle keeps insisting that everything's fine and posting on social media with David like normal. 

    We can't help but wonder what's going on behind the scenes, months after the 911 call took place. We may never find out, though -- and in the end, we just hope that Jenelle and her kids are okay. If she needs help, we know Barbara will be there for anything she needs.