Candace Cameron Bure Reveals If 'Fuller House' Fans Will See Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

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Candace Cameron Bure
Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic/Getty Images

We've seen so many reboots and remakes over the past few years -- with even more coming up in the near future -- but one of the shows that really kicked off this trend? Netflix's Fuller House, which is said to be ending after its fifth season. With that final episode coming up, fans are still wondering if Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will make an appearance, considering they alternated playing the youngest sister Michelle. And it looks like Candace Cameron Bure has the answer.

  • Candace recently revealed the chances of seeing the Olsen twins on the reboot is slim to none -- pretty much no.

    "You heard it from me first: They will never come back!" the celeb mom revealed to Us Weekly about Mary-Kate and Ashley being done with the role. "They are never coming back on the show! They don't want to be on the show. The answer's no!"

    This isn't new information: We've known for a while that Mary-Kate and Ashley are focused on fashion design, and they, much like Victoria Beckham saying farewell to the Spice Girls, don't plan on traveling backward in their career.
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  • Still, the confirmation is a surprise to some.

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    They can't even pop up for like, a nanosecond, via Skype session, and say hey?

    (Seriously, this really isn't possible.)

  • Others think they're being ungrateful toward the show.

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    It's safe to say these comments don't mince words.

    After all, this role is the reason we even know their names.

  • To be honest, what's the point in asking Mary-Kate and Ashley to be on the show now?

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    The cast went through four seasons without them. There's really no need to bring these ladies back for the last hurrah.

  • It's even suggested the twins are the only ones who found success beyond the show, and that the others are holding onto the past.

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    Um, Candace Cameron Bure was on The View and pretty much rules the Hallmark Channel. John Stamos was on Scream Queens and has an interesting fate on the chilling Netflix series You. Bob Saget, who recently opened up about Fuller House fans saving the show, has a whole comedy career.

    They're all doing stuff!

  • Might we suggest just recasting Michelle?

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    Gee, if only they had a look-a-like sister who actually loved acting and could fill in for them ...

    oh wait!

  • Guess they'll just have to miss out.

    Lots of people love Fuller House -- and it hasn't included the Olsen twins whatsoever. So maybe the series can end how it started: with the people who wanted to be a part of the magic coming together.