Cole DeBoer's Instagram Message to Aubree Is a Real Tear-Jerker

Aubree DeBoer, Cole DeBoer

Since Chelsea DeBoer started dating now-husband Cole DeBoer, he's stepped up in the dad role for her daughter, Aubree, in a major way. And he just can't contain sharing his love for her with the world. On Saturday, Cole shared a sweet message for Aubree in honor of her father/daughter dance, a tradition that he has taken part in with her for years now.  

  • Cole shared a photo of the two of them at the dance, and OMG -- we're swooning.

    These two make the most adorable pair, but what's even more special is the caption that Cole wrote on the photo, where he shared a sweet moment they shared that night.

    "I am very proud of who this sweet girl is becoming the older she gets! I swear she is already an adult," he wrote. "In the truck on the way to the dance I told her, 'you know that I love you and that I will always protect you and always be here for you whenever you need me!' She said, 'trust me I know that.'" 

    How cute is that?! 

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  • And as if that's not enough to make everyone gush, the other photo that Cole shared ought to do it.

    These two are always being so goofy together, and we love it. They've been BFFs from day one, further confirming that Chelsea couldn't have chosen a better man to spend her life with. 

  • The father/daughter dance is something that Cole and Aubree have been doing together for a while now.

    It started after Adam Lind stood her up one year and Cole stepped up to be her date, and since then, they've been doing the dance together. Case in point: This photo from last year's date, where Cole and Aubree were just as silly in the photo booth. 

    We can't imagine how Aubree must feel knowing that Adam isn't the dad she deserves -- especially as she gets older and understands more about what's going on -- but she is so lucky to have Cole ready and waiting to be there for her no matter what.

  • We can't get enough of these two, and we can't wait for the father/daughter dances to come.

    Their bond is so special. Watson, Layne, Aubree, and Chelsea are so lucky to have Cole in their lives!