'Fuller House' Star Bob Saget Thinks Fans Can Save the Show

Fuller House
Michael Yarish/Netflix

Ever since Netflix announced Fuller House is ending after its upcoming fifth (and final) season, people have legit been in their feelings. Maybe it's the thought of saying goodbye to the reboot of the hit '90s show that has folks feeling let down. Maybe it's because we don't have a ton of family-friendly programming these days. Whatever the case may be, it doesn't seem like cast members are ready to throw in the towel just yet as Bob Saget is hoping Fuller House fans can bring the show back to keep it going for some time to come.

  • Bob Saget, who plays Danny Tanner, recently opened up about Fuller House and his hope fans can save the show.

    "Who knows if it's the last season?" the TV dad mentions during an interview on Videos After Dark about the fate of Fuller House. "I don't know. Fans are rebelling."

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  • His TV daughter, Candace Cameron Bure, also expressed a bit of disappointment the series will end after season five.

    "We would love to do this show forever and ever but I guess it wasn't in the cards," the Hallmark star wrote in an Instagram comment about the show ending. "I am happy that we can give the fans a proper ending, however I wish we didn't have to give one at all."

  • Reportedly, Fuller House has had some issues off screen that could've impacted Netflix's decision to end the show.

    Cheatsheet.com reports showrunner Jeff Franklin was fired last year amid accusations he was "verbally abusive" on the set.


  • But that's not stopping fans from declaring their love for Fuller House and the need for it to stay on.

    Facebook comments

    Judging by this reaction, the people have spoken.

    They want Fuller House to stay.

  • Who knows what will happen?

    It is kind of interesting Netflix is ending Fuller House considering it claims the series is one of the most "binge-raced" shows it has -- meaning viewers watch the entire season within 24 hours of its release.

    So yeah, we'll see what happens.