'Fuller House' Is Coming to an End & the Farewell Video Makes Us Sob

Fuller House
Greg Gayne/Netflix

It looks like all good things must come to an end, including this reboot of a beloved '90s TV show. The Netflix series Fuller House is ending, and although we do get a fifth and final season, it looks like a number of viewers are going to have a tough time saying goodbye.

  • Netflix just announced Fuller House will have a fifth and final season.

    The cast of Fuller House came together to create this farewell video that touches on fun moments during the series while promising they "saved the best for last."

    Fuller House follows characters from the '90s hit Full House many years later. DJ Tanner is a widow and mom of three kids who lives in the family house, along with her sister Stephanie and bestie Kimmy Gibbler, who come back to help her. We got to see tons of returning cast members from the original show -- including John Stamos, Bob Saget, Lori Loughlin, Dave Coulier, and Scott Weinger, who plays DJ's old high school flame, Steve -- that made it quite the nostalgic series to watch.
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  • Fans of the series aren't ready to say goodbye and will thoroughly miss the show.

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    Looking at these comments, it's safe to say folks love Fuller House. It's a pretty light-hearted family show that doesn't have a bunch of craziness attached to it that's pretty refreshing.

  • And are crossing their fingers DJ and Steve tie the knot.

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    We've been rooting for their love since the '90s and refuse to say goodbye until we know they ride off into the sunset together.

  • Thanks for the laughs.

    Guess we can check out Candace, Lori, and Jodi in more Hallmark movies because they'll have extra time on their hands.