Pauly D & Vinny Are Getting Their Own Dating Show & It Comes With a Twist

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Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino
Patricia Schlein/Star Max/GC Images/Getty Images

Gym, tanning, dating! Jersey Shore fans will likely be thrilled that another reality show involving two guidos is on the way. That's right, Pauly D and Vinny are getting a spin-off show that will focus around their dating life -- and boy are people here for it.

  • Double Shot at Love will feature the single Jersey Shore costars and 20 contestants and comes with a twist.

    Vinny Guadagnino and Pauly D
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    "During each episode, contestants will go head-to-head in competitions where they try to avoid the elimination ceremony," Us Weekly reports of Vinny and Pauly D's new show.

    The twist, the publication notes, is that both Pauly and Vinny "will compete for the affection of the contestants."
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  • And it's safe to say people are all sorts of excited.

    These two might give the new Bachelor a run for his money. We can already picture the hot tub nights, drunken adventures, and pure randomness.

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    Judging by these comments, a number of Jersey Shore fans are ready to see these two in action outside of their usual settings. Sure, we love seeing Snooki, Deena, JWoww, and the other cast members, but come on, ya gotta admit it gets interesting when Vinny and Pauly go off on their bachelor quest.

  • Others, however, feel they're biting off the title of another reality show that focused on dating.

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  • Facebook comment

    A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila was an MTV fave that ran from October 2007 until July 2008 (two seasons). Granted, it wasn't on the air for that long, it definitely seems to have resonated with many people.

  • Who are we kidding? We'll likely watch.

    As much as we hate to say it, it's hard to turn away from the drama and craziness known as reality television.

    It looks like Double Shot at Love is slated to hit MTV this year, so we'll look out for it.

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