11 of the Best Streaming Services to Consider Besides Netflix

Samantha Sutton | Jan 28, 2019 TV
11 of the Best Streaming Services to Consider Besides Netflix
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We only have one life to live, and while that's definitely more than enough at time, some days we prefer to escape and put ourselves in another person's shoes -- like a comedian struggling to get his big break, a detective with a dark and burning secret, or that woman who's living in a dystopian future trying her hardest to make it out alive.

Of course, we're talking about TV shows and must-watch movies here, which have the ability to immediately transport us to a different time and place with a click of the button. We're simply avid binge-watchers and we can't (and don't want to) help it -- but Netflix is trying to limit our passion, or, and the very least, empty out our bank accounts.
The streaming service has upped its prices to $8.99 per month (for the least expensive option), which isn't a ton, but ain't cheap, either. And while some might be willing to pay a few extra bucks to see Stranger Things, and the newest murder show everyone's talking about, a few may want to trade that subscription for something new.

Luckily, there are a lot of great alternatives out there, and get this: some of them are even "free.99" -- meaning it doesn't cost a single penny to watch a decent movie, although it may require sitting through a few ads).

We rounded up some streaming services to subscribe to other than Netflix, or even in addition to (it can't hurt). Plus, who even knew that we were missing out on a handful of original series and movies all this time, too?

It's truly a win-win for everyone!
  • Hulu

    What It Costs: Plans start at $7.99 per month

    Probably one of the best Netflix alternatives is Hulu, which has great original content, a variety of movies to choose from, and an option to watch live TV.
  • What to Watch on Hulu


    The Handmaid's Tale, The Golden Girls, or episodes of Saturday Night Live right after they air. Also we can't forget Fyre Fraud documentary!

    Hulu is also good about keeping up with holiday themes when it comes to movies, just like Netflix.

  • Amazon Prime

    What It Costs: A Prime membership is $119 per year

    The Prime membership is worth it for the free shipping alone, but gaining access to the original series and movie options is also a must. There's a ton -- a ton! -- of movies included, and they're good about making new releases available for purchase.
  • What to Watch on Amazon Prime


    There's a reason The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is taking home those awards: It's great, hilarious, and the costumes are out of control. And right now, the much talked about movie Eighth Grade is available to watch as well.

  • Vudu

    What It Costs: Pay per purchase for as little as $0.99

    There are also free movies subscribers can watch -- if they're willing to sit through ads.
  • What to Watch on Vudu


    Haven't seen A Star Is Born yet? Vudu is offering early access for $20. Popular free movies include Legally Blonde 2 and Risky Business.

  • YouTube Premium

    What It Costs: YouTube Premium, which has original content, is $11.99 per month. It's now possible to rent movies for free or a small fee as well

    It's true! YouTube has been hopping on the whole movie thing, and while vloggers (and Demi Lovato) have released documentaries on there, there's regular movies available, as well.
  • What to Watch on YouTube


    Right now, Crazy Rich Asians is available for $6, while the '90s classic All Dogs Go to Heaven is free with ads.

  • YouTube TV


    What It Costs: $40/month

    For those who want to cut their cable cords, YouTube offers a television streaming service. For $40 a month, users can access YouTube TV that includes a cloud DVR with no storage limits, six accounts per household, and an arsenal of channels to watch -- with the option of a few additional channels for a price.

  • HBO Now

    HBO Now Image
    What It Costs: $14.99 per month

    Movies. TV shows. This one's kind of a must for those wanting to be part of the Monday morning conversation.
  • What to Watch on HBO Now

    Game of Thrones photo

    Game of Thrones! Big Little Lies! True Detective! Also Oceans 8 and Blockers make for some great date night views.

  • Popcorn Flix


    What It Costs: Free

    Click and play -- no sign up required. It couldn't be any easier!

  • What to Watch on Popcorn Flix


    Weirdly, there are originals for this service, like The Lifeguard, which stars Kristen Bell. There are also other options as well -- like the movies Zodiac and Akeelah and the Bee.

  • Sling TV


    What It Costs: Starts at $25 per month

    OK, pricey? Yes. But this is actually taking place of regular cable, and for that price, subscribers can watch Freeform, Lifetime, and CNN (among others) -- live.

  • What to Watch on Sling TV


    Literally anything that's available on TV channels! (Well, depending on the subscription someone chooses.) We enjoy The Bold Type on Freeform, or literally any Lifetime movie.

  • Showtime


    What It Costs: $10.99 per month

    From original series to movies, this premium channel is also available for those who don't feel like signing up for cable.

  • What to Watch on Showtime


    SMILF is pretty funny, but a new show that's getting some buzz is Black Monday, which revolves around the worst stock market crash in the '80s. As for movies, Baby Driver with Ansel Elgort and Lily James won a few awards in 2018.

  • Tubi


    What It Costs: Free

    We love that word, free -- and the options aren't too shabby either. Plus, everything is neatly organized into categories, including one that says "Not on Netflix."

  • What to Watch on Tubi


    Obviously, our eye is on the "Not on Netflix" category, which has picks like True Grit, Arbitrage, and Hugo.

  • Sony Crackle


    What It Costs: Free

    Not only are there movies, there are a handful of original TV shows to explore, too. And yes, they include familiar faces!

  • What to Watch on Crackle

    The Oath, which is produced by 50 Cent and stars Game of Thrones's Sean Bean and True Blood's Ryan Kwanten. Plus it's worth revisiting Big Daddy in the movie options, just to see how far those Sprouse twins have come!

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