20 Hair-Raising Shows on Netflix That Are Oddly Enjoyable

Samantha Sutton | Jan 18, 2019 TV
20 Hair-Raising Shows on Netflix That Are Oddly Enjoyable
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We do it to ourselves way too often: Decide it was a good idea to watch that show that everyone and their mother has been talking about for ages -- only to realize that, wait a minute, those review were right. It's scary as heck, but by that point, we're sucked in and still kind of curious about what will happen. (Sure, we could Wikipedia each episode, but details will likely be missing and, really, what's the fun in that?) And so, we push on through, only to find ourselves feeling a little extra paranoid about the noise outside the window and the person standing a little two close to us on the subway.

(Ugh, Netflix -- they've done it again!)

Who are we kidding? Despite the fact that there are so many happy and cheerful shows to choose from -- for instance, might we suggest Sex Education with Gillian Anderson? It's really funny! -- we always manage to click on the stuff that says, in bright white letters, something about blood, and evil, and a crazy mysterious creature. We're also fans of a good, bingeable docu-series, which will take us into the mind of a criminal and have us feeling like a junior detective. 

The thing is, we've also seen the memes floating around Instagram, and, at this point, we know for sure, we're not alone when it comes to our addiction to scary, and oftentimes very disturbing shows. Many people like to watch the stuff that makes them jump, cringe, hold their breath, and immediately lock all the doors and windows in the house. 

So, should there be more people out there who are in search of their next Netflix must-watch, we've rounded up 20 great (and by that, we mean messed up) options, ahead.

  • 'You'


    Yes, Penn Badgley is good-looking, but he's literally playing a creepy stalker-turned-serial-killer in this super suspenseful show.

  • 'The Haunting of Hill House'


    Ghosts are enough to make us jump, but even after they leave, the haunted house won't leave this family alone -- and evil follows them into adulthood. Plus, there are so many messed-up twists!

  • '13 Reasons Why'


    Things get so graphic in this story of a teen taking her life and horrific high school bullying, that they have to include a warnings before each 13 Reasons Why episode.

  • 'Making a Murderer'


    Whether or not Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are guilty is still being debated, but there's no winning side when a woman's been murdered. If the two men did do what they were convicted of, it's messed up. If they didn't and they're serving time for a crime they didn't commit, that's messed up, too.

  • 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina'


    Satanic cults, demons, teen orgy scenes -- this show about a young witch has gotten both praise and criticism, depending on the day.

  • 'American Horror Story'

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    It's very easy to binge every season of Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story series, but do we really want to? From ghosts, to witches, to murderous clowns, each story line gets more jumpy and harder to watch in the dark.

  • 'Bates Motel'


    The back story of Psycho's Norman Bates is dark and twisted as one would expect in this physiological thriller that first appeared on A&E.

  • 'Dexter'


    Dexter was once labeled America's favorite serial killer, since he does kill other murderers. But let's be clear here: he's still a serial killer.

  • 'Mindhunter'

    Two FBI agents interview serial killers to figure out how their minds work and possibly solve some crimes. Aaaand we just realized how obsessed Netflix is with murder!
  • 'The Keepers'


    The worst thing about this docu-series is that the story involving the murder of a nun and a scandal at a school is that it really did happen.

  • 'Hemlock Grove'


    Small-town secrets. Suspense. The kid from the It remake. What about this one doesn't give us chills?

  • 'The Sinner'


    It's safe to say this isn't 7th Heaven. Jessica Biel is a mother who killed someone, but she doesn't even remember committing the crime.

  • 'Goosebumps'


    OK, did we really watch this as children? What about talking dolls and kids turning into pets isn't terrifying?

  • 'The Twilight Zone'


    In many ways, this show was shining a light on the issues of the moment and asking "What if?" -- which happens to make it extra chilling.

    We're so excited for the reboot!

  • 'Black Mirror'


    While Black Mirror is similar to The Twilight Zone with how it borrows from contemporary culture, things get even more extreme and believable, which is probably the most disturbing part of it all.

  • 'Twin Peaks'

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    There's a full murder mystery going down in this town, complete with interesting characters, some action between the sheets, and, yes, violence.

  • 'Santa Clarita Diet'


    A comedy, yes, but the main character eats human flesh.

    And yes, it's graphic.

  • 'Stranger Things'


    We love this show, but the monsters! The possessions! The deaths! They're not exactly scary, but they're not not scary at the same time. 

  • 'House of Cards'


    Actor scandals aside, there are so many secrets, well-planned murders, and deception that goes down in this version of Washington, D.C.

    Sometimes, it's impossible to guess what's coming next.

  • 'Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes'


    The newest horrifying docu-series plays actual recordings of the infamous serial killer, Ted Bundy.

    We'll leave it at that.

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