Kaitlyn Bristowe & Jason Tartick's Romance Is Heating Up Quickly

Kaitlyn Bristowe

Who needs The Bachelorette? Ever since we heard Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick were going on a date over the weekend, we've been so pumped about this potential new couple. And much to our delight it seems as if they are hitting it off. Kaitlyn and Jason's romance is heating up as quickly as it began, and they're not shying away from sharing it with their followers on social media.

  • Kaitlyn & Jason's first date was Friday, but they decided to continue the party all weekend long. 

    There were multiple dinners, a basketball game, and even an outing with fellow Bach alum Blake Horstmann. It seemed like they had a blast -- and some of their updates on their Instagram Stories were full of PDA. 

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  • Case in point: this photo.

    Seriously?! Dying from all the adorable here! 

    This isn't even the only time they showed off how they got close like this -- earlier in the weekend, Blake posted a photo of them walking and holding hands, and there was another photo shared that was very similar to this one. If this is truly the first time they met, it seems like they've already got some major chemistry going on! 

  • There was also plenty of wine involved, which tells us that Jason really did his research.

    We all know how Kaitlyn feels about wine, so Jason really got in good with her right from the start. We're a little upset that all of this wasn't captured by ABC's cameras, but hey -- Instagram is pretty good too! 

    It is making us wonder if Jason and Kaitlyn haven't been talking for a long time before this, though. They seem like they already know each other pretty well, which bodes well for a relationship if that's what this turns into.

  • We need to know if there will be more dates, so hopefully, Kaitlyn will keep us updated.

    These two are so adorable together that it's easy to root for them. Could Kaitlyn finally have found her person? We can't wait to find out!