Nick Viall Shares Intimate Details About What Really Happened With Kaitlyn Bristowe


Kaitlyn Bristowe, Nick Viall

It seems like ages ago that Kaitlyn Bristowe and Nick Viall were a thing on The Bachelorette -- in fact, we're still reeling from her split with Shawn Booth. But on his new podcast, Viall Files, Nick opened up about his relationship with Kaitlyn, and he shared a lot of new details that we had no clue about until now.

  • First things first: He confirmed that they actually DID talk a lot before the show. 

    He said that they were talking all day every day, and that when she found out that there would be two Bachelorette leads competing for the gig, she was crushed.

    "I remember when she found out she was really upset,” Nick said, according to Us Weekly. “At that point, she was just kind of a friend and we were kind of going down that path of flirting and talking ridiculous things." 

    He even said that they almost dropped L-bombs to each other before the show started filming, and that her plan was to fly out to Chicago to see him if Britt Nilsson was chosen as The Bachelorette instead. 

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  • But as we know now, Kaitlyn officially won the vote for Bachelorette, and that's when Nick had the chance to join the show.

    “She’s talking to me and she’s like, ‘It’s going really well and the guys are really nice but, like I miss you and I feel like it’s different from what we had,'" Nick said. "We talked all night long,” he said. “She was like, ‘Just come.’ And I said, ‘Well, what would you do if I come?’ She said, ‘I’ll just fake it with the rest.’ She did say, ‘There is this one guy. I do like him. I have this connection with him.’ Come to realize that was Shawn at the time.”

    This is making everything we watched on that season make a whole lot more sense. The competition was intense between those two from the get go! 

  • Nick also said that they spent his first night on set together, but they didn't have sex. 

    And apparently, even though they did have these deep feelings for each other, he's not planning to make a move now that Kaitlyn is single again.

    “She did me a huge favor in picking Shawn," he said. "They clearly were a good match. They didn’t work out. They dated for three years. I don’t think Kaitlyn and I would’ve ever come close to that. My biggest takeaway in my story with Kaitlyn, sometimes people say things in the moment and we shouldn’t get caught up in those moments.”

    That's a pretty mature take on the situation. Well done, Nick!

  • We're glad we have this insider intel and that everything worked out for the best for everyone involved.

    Kaitlyn might not be with Shawn anymore, but we think she's doing just fine. On to bigger and better things for both Kaitlyn and Nick, right? 

    Our fingers are crossed that he shares more behind-the-scenes Bach stuff on his podcast. We'll be listening!