Kaitlyn Bristowe & Jason Tartick Might Be the Newest 'Bachelor' Couple

Kaitlyn Bristowe

We've been worried about Kaitlyn Bristowe since she ended her engagement with Shawn Booth in November, but as it turns out, she might be doing a lot better than we expected. This lady is moving on, and it sounds like she's already found a former Bachelorette contestant to move on with her. According to what he told Entertainment Tonight, Jason Tartick and Kaitlyn are going on a date. Could we have a new Bachelor Nation It Couple on our hands? 

  • In an interview with ET on Tuesday, Jason spilled the good news. 

    During a recent appearance on Kaitlyn's podcast, Off The Vine, he asked her to go on a date with him -- and she said yes! Not that we're surprised, of course, because Jason is a total catch. Who wouldn't say yes to him? 

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  • And in his interview, Jason had nothing but positive things to say about her. That's a good sign if you ask us! 

    “She is a down-to-earth, beautiful woman who has a great sense of humor," Jason said. "She seems very strong and knows what she wants and empowers women.”

    We totally agree -- and from what we know about Jason, he seems to be very similar in the way that he's also super down-to-earth and knows what he wants. This could be a match made in (Bachelor) heaven, y'all. 

  • Apparently, the date is happening when they're both in Denver, and Jason was encouraged to ask Kaitlyn out when she made a joke about it.

    Jason told ET that he is going to impress Kaitlyn with wine and a good restaurant, which sounds right up her alley. There's nothing this lady loves like she loves wine, especially now that she's starting her own label. This has the makings to be the most perfect first date for them both! 

  • We can't wait to hear all the details of their date. 

    Now that we think about it, Kaitlyn and Jason truly do seem like a perfect match. It can't have been easy for Kait to move on from Shawn, but Jason might be exactly what she needs to get over her last love.

    Have a blast, you two!