20 Sweetest 'Teen Mom' Moments of 2018

Nicole Pomarico | Dec 28, 2018 TV
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  • Kail Went To Jo's Wedding


    A lot has happened between these two over the years, but they're finally at a good place, and nothing could have stopped Kail from attending Jo's wedding to Vee Torres -- and we're sure that Isaac is going to appreciate having this photo of both of his parents on such a special day in the future.

  • Leah Started Dating Jason Jordan


    People have definitely had their opinions when it comes to Leah dating much older BF Jason, but we can't deny how happy she looks. After being single for awhile, we're so glad that Leah's found someone who makes her smile so much, and we have a feeling he might just be here to stay. 

  • Chelsea Welcomed Baby Layne 


    Chelsea became a mom again this year -- this time to her second little girl. We can't get over how precious Layne is... and how happy Chelsea and Cole are to have her in their lives. We wonder if more siblings for Layne, Watson, and Aubree are coming in 2019? 

  • Catelynn Announced Her Pregnancy


    It was heartbreaking when Catelynn and Tyler announced they'd had a miscarriage, and that made finding out about their rainbow baby that much sweeter. Even though they admitted this pregnancy was unplanned, it's been so sweet seeing them get ready for another daughter.

  • Amber Welcomed Baby James


    We were totally shocked when Amber announced she was pregnant with James after only dating Andrew for a couple of months, but now that he's here, it's clear that she couldn't possibly love him more, and we've adored seeing Amber's updates on James... especially when we get to see Leah being a stellar big sister.

  • Maci is Getting Along With Ryan's Parents 

    Maci Bookout

    It's been quite a rollercoaster watching Maci cope with Ryan's addiction, and unfortunately, something that ended up suffering was her relationship with Ryan's parents, Jen and Larry. But on this season's Teen Mom OG finale, we got to see them hash everything out, and it was obvious how much love there still is between them.

  • Gary Finally Found His Dad 


    On this season of Teen Mom OG, we watched Gary try to find his dad, and it was heartbreaking when he found out who he thought his dad was actually wasn't related to him at all. But that just made the moment he did locate his father that much sweeter, and it seems like they might be able to have a relationship going forward. 

  • Mackenzie Welcomed Baby Jagger 


    Despite the drama going on with Ryan, we were so happy to see Mack give birth to baby Jagger. So far, she seems to be loving having a newborn in her life again, and that bright spot in an otherwise really difficult year for their family is so nice to see.

  • Bristol & Cheynne Were Welcomed to the Show


    There may have been a bit of drama initially, but once Bristol and Cheyenne were able to meet their fellow cast mates, they were welcomed with open arms -- and lots of adorable photos made their way to Instagram of that first meeting. Maybe in 2019, they'll become even closer?

  • Kailyn Lowry Is Finally Getting Along With Chris Lopez


    We couldn't deal with the constant back and forth happening between Kail and Chris when Lux was first born, but now, not only are they coparenting with no drama, but they also seem like they're friends. For Lux's sake, we're thrilled. 

  • Javi & Lauren Had a Baby


    This might have been one of the most unexpected Teen Mom moments ever, but now that Javi and Lauren's baby, Eli, is here, we can't get enough of their precious family photos. We can't wait to see Lauren on the show this season! 

  • Catelynn Flew Out to Be With Amber During Her Depression


    On one of the absolute sweetest moments of Teen Mom OG this year, Catelynn dropped everything to be with Amber when she was struggling with postpartum depression and suicidal thoughts. it was awesome to see Catelynn being such a true friend to Amber when she needed her most. These bonds are forever! 

  • Cole's Message for His Family


    We will never get tired of seeing Cole and Chelsea gush over each other and their kids, but this message from him really took the cake this year. He shared this photo on Instagram, writing: 

    My perfect kiddos. the reason that gets me up everyday, the reason I bust my ass, the reason sleep is much needed, the reason I feel extremely lucky, and the reason I am the happiest man on the planet! @chelseahouska thank you for these perfect sweeties I love you my sweet wife!

  • Maci's Family's Halloween Costume


    Every year, we look forward to seeing the group costume that Maci and Taylor come up with, and this year's definitely didn't disappoint. Not only was their Scooby Doo theme on point, but they even turned their golf cart into a Mystery Machine. Flawless! 

  • Aubree's Big Sister Moments


    Now that baby Layne is here and she has two little siblings to watch over, it has truly been Aubree's time to shine. We simply cannot get over how sweet she is to her little brother and sister, and we can't wait to see their bond grow as the babies get older.

  • Ryan Made It Home From Rehab

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    And so far, he's been looking a lot healthier than he did earlier this year. Our fingers are crossed for a very healthy and happy year for him ahead.

  • Bentley Was There for Jagger's Birth


    Seeing how excited Bentley was for Jagger's arrival on Teen Mom OG was one thing, but hearing him recount the evening's events to Maci and Taylor when he got back from the hospital? Too cute. He's always been a great big brother to Maverick and Jayde, so we don't doubt he'll be the same for Jagger.

  • Catelynn's Tribute To Tyler


    After finding out that Catelynn and Tyler had a trial separation, we weren't sure if they'd find their way back together, but it seems like they're ending the year with an even stronger marriage -- especially after Cate posted this sweet message for Tyler on Instagram. She wrote:

    I love you so much @tylerbaltierramtv thanks for blessing me with three beautiful girls and choosing me as your wife. I’m truly blessed by you! I love you!

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