Netflix Is Making New Year's Eve Family-Friendly With Fun Countdowns the Kids Will Enjoy

Fuller House New Year's Eve

Now that Christmas is officially over, parents -- who aren't still in a mini coma after trying to keep up with the holidays -- will have to peel back the bags underneath their eyes to transition from 2018 to 2019. With many people getting their LBDs (little black dresses, that is) and shimmery ensembles together, the rest of us will remain tired AF in the house. Luckily, Netflix has a family-friendly New Year's Eve countdown the littles (and tweens) will enjoy.
  • Netflix has 14 New Year's Eve countdowns to help families celebrate the end of the year.

    Netflix New Year's Eve countdown

    My has 2018 been unforgettable.

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  • From Boss Baby to Fuller House, there's something for everyone -- including tweens.

    The 14 New Year's Eve countdowns are: All Hail King Julien; Alexa and Katie; Beat Bugs; Boss Baby; Fuller House; Larva Island; Motown Magic; Pinky Malinky; Prince of Peoria; Spirit Riding Free; Skylanders Academy; Super Monsters; Tales of Arcadia; and True and the Rainbow Kingdom.
  • The countdowns are available to view now, with each video running about one to two minutes.

  • With so many families opting to stay at home to celebrate New Year's Eve, a feel-good countdown to 2019 with our kiddos sounds good to us.

    Seriously, we don't feel like putting on makeup and changing out of our leggings.

  • Cheers to new beginnings!

    Or business as usual, whatever works.

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