20 Times 'Teen Mom' Stars Rocked at Co-Parenting

Michele Zipp | Dec 14, 2018 TV
20 Times 'Teen Mom' Stars Rocked at Co-Parenting

kailyn lowry

All the Teen Mom shows come with a chunk of every emotion one could have, a ton of anguish, a whole lot of drama, and so many highs and lows. We see and learn so much about these young women navigating motherhood as well as their relationships. And through it all, we also see how well (or not) they deal with co-parenting when they are no longer with a child's father. This can be a difficult situation because both parties (and any new relationships either person has) must be all-in for it to be harmonious. So many Teen Mom stars have risen above any issues they had with their exes and went on to truly rock co-parenting.

Sure there have been many low points -- most notably when Ryan Edwards failed to show up to pick up Bentley from Maci Bookout or when Leah Calvert and Corey Simms's seemingly perfect co-parenting arrangement blew up, much to everyone's sadness. But heck, even those couples have seemed to be able to overcome their issues. Through it all, these parents persevered and have found way to make things work even with the cameras rolling and watching their every move. (Not exactly an easy feat as all reality shows have proven.)

Co-parenting, for anyone, can be a challenge, though there are many celebrities exes who show how to do it right. (We have to give an extra shout-out to Kourtney Kardashian who co-parents like a boss.) These Teen Mom stars are doing co-parenting right, too, helping to set fine examples for their kids and to show that families come in so many different and loving configurations.

  • Sharing Sweet Photos


    Last year, Kailyn Lowry said that she was positive that ex Chris Lopez would be in their son, Lux's, life. And that has remained true. Kail even posts photos of the two of them together on her Instagram. This one she commented, "Twinzzz." It's clear there is no animosity here.

  • Spending Birthdays Together 


    Kail and Chris put any differences aside for Lux, especially on his birthday. This adorable photo will be one that Lux can cherish always.

  • Attending Wedding As a Family


    Kailyn shared this cute photo of Jo and their son, Isaac, while they were all at a wedding together. Again, a photo of exes with their child speaks volumes and is so good for the kid!

  • Sharing Words of Praise


    While this photo of Levi and son, Tripp, came under fire, the sentiment from mom Bristol is still incredible. She shared this image on Instagram with the caption, "so proud of my son, and super thankful for his dad and step mom for providing him with such incredible life learning experiences at such a young age!! #provider #fillingthefreezer (and please before you start calling peta - remember where your beef/chicken come from.. it doesn’t get more organic than this)."

  • Making It Work


    It's true that Dakota and Bristol have a hard time getting along a lot of the time, but there is hope things are turning around. After commenting that the show Teen Mom changed Bristol for the worse, Dakota took to social media, sharing this incredible photo of his ex with her kids and wrote, "Regarding my comment tonight on @teenmom insinuating that Bristol has put anything before the kids was wrong and tasteless. It’s the furthest thing from the truth and I apologize to her and the kids for that."

    Co-parenting is also owning up to your mistakes and making things right with each other.

  • Reaching Out


    In one of Teen Mom 2's deleted scenes, Leah is shown calling Corey for help after she had to take a detour on way to pick up her daughters at the bus stop when the road she was on had a fallen tree. The detour would have made her late and she calmly calls Corey, letting him know and to see if his wife, Miranda, could pick them up for her. They all work together ... which key in co-parenting.  

  • Doing It Their Own Way


    After having a restraining order against Ryan, Bentley's dad, Maci has revealed that things are getting better. So while there may not be birthday photos of Maci and Ryan smiling together, their brand of co-parenting means doing what's best to get along from a distance for their son. Thankfully, that seems to be working.

  • Showing Love


    Gary and Amber have a history of issues, but when this snap of Gary and the kids popped up on Amber's Instagram, that was the telltale sign they were able to put their differences aside. Amber shared this adorable pic of them all trick-or-treating on Halloween. Looks like it was all treats!

  • Spending Important Moments Together


    For their daughter Stella's first birthday, Briana and Luis celebrated with one party. Bri did the planning, but Luis helped out a lot, which is quite a feat for these two. 

  • True Blended Family


    Amber wanted to show her 10-year-old daughter, Leah, how to shave her legs. The woman who helped her is stepmom Kristina Shirley. This is so beautiful for Leah, who sees that her mom and stepmom can get along so well.  

  • Defending Each Other


    A beautiful thing happened with exes Gary and Amber. For Amber to get in some much-needed one-on-one time with Leah, Gary's wife, Kristina Shirley, babysat baby James. In fact, Kristina and Gary watched James two days in a row for Amber so she could have even more time with her older daughter. People were furious about it online, but Gary defended Amber, calling their family unique. That's #coparentinggoals.

  • Extending Parenting Help


    More proof of the good relationship Gary and Amber have was evident in Gary's tweet after Amber gave birth to James. Beautiful sentiment, Gary.

  • Putting Differences Aside


    Leah's had issues with Jeremy not spending enough time with their daughter Addie. But in this video, it's clear to see just how much these two love each other. 

  • Even Hooking Up


    Can co-parenting be done so well that you start to have feelings for the other person again? Perhaps. That seems to have been what happened with Kailyn and Javi -- after his breakup with Briana. Over the summer, Kailyn talked about hooking up with Javi and considering getting back together with him. In the end, the two just remained stellar co-parents. 

  • Joining Unlikely Forces


    Adam Lind is Teen Mom dad with a lot of complaints lodged against him -- from Chelsea DeBoer and Taylor Halbur. Chelsea and Taylor teamed up for the sake of their daughters with Adam to figure out how best to move forward for their girls. 

    They learned Adam lied (no shocker there), but they also learned how they have allies in each other. 

  • Lending Helping Hands


    Parenting is teamwork, even if the parents are no longer together. Jo exhibited that perfectly when he had extra time with Issac so his ex Kailyn can finish school

  • Staying Bonded


    Doctor visits can be stressful and so Leah put ex Corey Simms on speakerphone so he can hear firsthand about the prognosis regarding Ali's muscular dystrophy from the doctor. This is how family -- no matter the configuration -- is done.

  • Speaking Out for Each Other


    Even in the middle of a difficult custody battle, Corey defended Leah when an episode of Teen Mom cast her in a bad parenting light. Leah said it was bad editing and Corey backed her up. 

  • Getting Dinner Together


    Leah keeps Corey in the know about doctor appointments for Ali's condition, but they also take co-parenting one step further. The exes meet up for dinner and coffee sometimes to talk about what's going on in their kids' lives.  

  • Asking for Forgiveness


    These two have had their ups and downs, but what's beautiful is that they own up to any mistakes they make. Case in point when Gary slammed Amber for needing a break but then realized his error and wrote this heartfelt apology. 

    Amber accepted it and said they can work through anything.

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