20 Netflix Original Series Coming in 2019 We Can't Wait to Watch

Samantha Sutton | Dec 10, 2018 TV
20 Netflix Original Series Coming in 2019 We Can't Wait to Watch

Ian Somerhalder

It’s not just us: TV is particularly good at the moment -- so much so, that we can barely keep up with all of those must-watch shows. Just when we finished binge-watching the latest captivating season of Stranger Things, something like Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comes along, and we’re sucked right back in. (If anything, it's worth watching for the nostalgia factor alone.) And please don't even get us started on the ability to revisit all of our old favorite shows from the '90s and '00s, such as Friends, which is, thankfully here to stay. Our family has things under control without us, right?

Because it looks like we may be here for a while ...
While we may be in over our heads and caught up in trying guess those major plot points -- and whether or not all meant-to-be couples is truly meant to be -- we can't forget about all the shows that are hitting Netflix in 2019. Just from reading all of the descriptions of what's to come, we have a feeling we're about be hooked (again), and will actively be keeping our eye out for the official premiere dates. The good news is that, thanks to the success of all these streaming services, many of Hollywood's biggest names are now connected to future series -- which means that there will be no shortage of Henry Cavill, Michael B. Jordan, and even Selma Blair on our screen.

So as the year comes to a close, we'll be trying our hardest to make room in our viewing schedule for all the mysteries, and sitcoms, and docu-series, and sci-fi dramas that Netflix has in store for us. Now, we just have to find time for all those future original movies, and we'll be good.

  • 'The Umbrella Academy'


    Based on a graphic novel, this show -- which counts Ellen Page and Mary J. Blige as part of its cast -- is about a group of estranged superhero siblings who reunite after their father dies, and maybe save the world. It hits the streaming service on February 15.

  • 'Carmen Sandiego'


    According to the description, this show isn't just asking where in the world the modern-day Robin Hood is, but rather, asking who she is as well. Gina Rodriguez and Stranger Things's Finn Wolfhard are also involved -- and there's live-action film in the works, too.

  • 'The Witcher'


    Per Netflix, this one's about "a mutated monster hunter [struggling] to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts." And yes, that's Henry Cavill, not Orlando Bloom, in Lord of the Rings!

  • 'The Central Park Five'


    Ava DuVernay is tacking this real-life story of young men falsely convicted of rape in a mini-series.

  • 'Our Planet'


    This docuseries will take viewers "on an unprecedented journey through some of the world's most precious natural habitats." In other words, it's gonna be fascinating and gorgeous.

  • 'Turn Up Charlie'


    Idris Elba as a DJ-turned-manny for his friend's kid? Yep. That's what this comedy is all about.

  • 'Chambers'


    There's a supernatural element to this show, which stars Uma Thurman and Scandal's Tony Goldwyn. After a heart transplant, a woman starts "taking on characteristics of the deceased" -- and it's not a good thing.

  • 'Raising Dion'


    We've seen a ton of superhero shows, but this one follows what it's like to raise a kid with powers. And, Michael B. Jordan is in it, so count us in.

  • 'V-Wars'


    Everyone is turning into vampires, thanks to a mysterious disease. Ian Somerhalder, who plays a doctor, now has to fight against his best friend, who is the leader of the vicious crew.

  • 'Russian Doll'


    Natasha Lyonne and Amy Poehler are producers on this comedy (which Natasha also stars in), about a woman who's trapped in a loop of attending the same party each night -- dying, and then waking up and doing it again.

  • 'The Politician'


    Ryan Murphy is doing what he does best when creating a show: Each season will tell a story of a different politician -- much like American Horror Story -- and the first season stars Ben Platt.

  • 'The Fix'


    A bunch of comedians weighing in on how to fix the world's problems? Sounds like a hilarious much-watch!

  • 'October Faction'


    Another comic book adaption.

    This one is about a family that hunts monsters. We're betting those who like Supernatural will be into it.

  • 'Heartstrings'


    Every episode will tell a story behind a different Dolly Parton song -- and right now, there are eight episodes. Julianne Hough was recently cast in the one for "Jolene."

  • 'Cursed'


    13 Reason Why's Katherine Langford plays a teen who accompanies Arthur -- as in, the one with the sword -- on his journey to find Merlin. And yes, it sounds like magic will be involved.

  • 'Sex Education'


    X-Files star Gillian Anderson plays a sex therapist and mom to a teen. The two end up setting up "an underground sex therapy clinic" at his high school.

    Interesting ...

  • 'Daybreak'


    It's the apocalypse -- and one teen is trying to find his girlfriend, while dealing with zombies and "Mad Max-style gangs."

    (Yes, it's a comedy.)

  • 'Dead to Me'


    Linda Cardellini. James Marsden. Ed Asner. Christina Appelgate. Does the plot even matter when the cast is this good?

    Apparently, the new series follows a "powerful friendship that blossoms between a tightly wound widow and a free spirit with a shocking secret." Dun, dun, dun ...

  • 'Another Life'


    An astronaut is leading her crew on a dangerous mission that involves an alien artifact -- so this one is for sci-fi lovers. Also Selma Blair lovers should tune in, too, as she's part of the cast!

  • 'No Good Nick'


    A fun-loving sitcom? Yep! And this one stars Melissa Joan Hart and Sean Astin, as the mom and dad, who welcome "Nick" (otherwise known as Nicole) into their family -- before discovering she's a teenage con artist!


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