'Teen Mom OG' Fans Are Upset Over Amber Portwood's Sweet Mom Moment With Leah

Amber Portwood and LeahAmber Portwood and Leah

Another day, another parenting controversy for Amber Portwood. This time people are upset over the Teen Mom OG star teaching her daughter, Leah, to do something they deem to be "too grown-up" for her 10 years, and we're not talking about makeup. Amber teamed up with Leah's stepmom, Kristina Shirley, to teach Leah to shave her legs, and not everyone is seeing the sweet bonding moment for what it is.

  • Amber shared a screenshot from tonight's new episode of the show, of her and Kristina working together to teach Leah a valuable life skill. 

    She captioned the photo of Leah shaving her legs for the first time, "This Monday, my Boo Boo is growing up way too fast for me! But it really bothered her so mommas to the rescue! Watch me teach Leah how to shave her legs on a brand new #TeenMomOG."

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  • Because haters gotta hate, people came for Ambs in the comments section. 

    You know, because every 10-year-old in the world is exactly the same, and ready for the same life experiences, and even grooming habits. Jeez, it's obviously something that Leah is self-conscious about, and she is excited to learn to take care of herself. 

  • Some people just didn't see it that way, though. 

    Because this isn't about a sweet mother-daughter moment, it's obviously about forcing Leah to grow up too fast. 

  • Doesn't everyone know that shaving legs is the gateway to sex education?

    Ah, we remember it like it was yesterday ... our moms teaching us to shave our legs just before the afternoon session of Putting Condoms on Bananas 101. Isn't that the order of things? 

    Or you know, maybe it's just personal grooming habits. We bet Leah even wears deodorant! 

  • At least some people were rational about the whole thing, and appreciated Amber and Kristina both being there for Leah. 

  • We love Amber and Kristina's relationship, especially when it comes to Leah. They are truly winning the co-parenting game. 

  • And good for Ambs listening to her daughter's wishes on issues like this. 

    As moms, we have to step back from our own expectations for our kids and take an objective look at what's best for them. If Leah wants to shave her legs, feels more self-confident with shaved legs, and is ready to take care of it herself, then what is the problem?

  • Someone even suggested that Amber take Leah to get waxed, due to its efficiency. 

    Honestly this sounds like more pain than a 10-year-old would be willing to endure, but to each their own. For now we'll just give Amber and Kristina a pat on the back for making the best decision for Leah -- regardless of what other people think. Way to go, mamas.