Lauren Burnham & Arie Luyendyk Jr. Give a Pregnancy Update & Talk Baby Names

Arie Luynedyk Jr., Lauren Burnham

Baby makes three, and he or she is getting big already! Lauren Burnham and Arie Luyendyk Jr. posted another pregnancy update for their little one on the way, and it turns out, they already know if they're having a boy or a girl!

  • Baby Luyendyk has his or her own Instagram account already, and Lauren and Arie shared this sweet bump pic this week.

    They added the caption "Hi ... I'm 13 weeks old today! Last week I was the size of a plum and now I'm the size of a peach... it's all about the fruits! I'm moving around lately so that's been cool. I have lungs now which is new, I can even open my mouth! I've also been opening and closing my hands and and I can suck my thumb too. Mom and Dad found out if I'm boy or a girl but they told me not to tell you guys yet, sorry."

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  • They also shared a sweet ultrasound picture of their baby.

    We can't believe how big he or she is already! The couple just announced earlier this month that they have a little one on the way, and it already looks like an adorable little human! 

    Not only are Arie and Lauren expecting -- they're also less than two months out from their Hawaiian nuptials. Thankfully, Lauren seems to be feeling much better now that she's out of the first trimester. On an update shortly after the pregnancy announcement, "Baby Luyendyk" posted on Instagram, "Mom is finally not feeling sick anymore," along with a heart emoji.

  • Even though they're keeping the gender on the DL for the moment, it won't be too long before we learn if it's a boy or a girl. 

    The couple did an interview with Bachelor alums Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti on their podcast, Almost Famous, and revealed that they have tentative plans for their gender reveal. Arie teased, "Here's the thing, we filmed a little something with The Bachelor for the premiere. If it makes the edit, it'll be on there."

  • As for a name, it sounds like they haven't picked one out yet -- although they have narrowed it down.

    And they definitely have two they don't want. On the podcast, Lauren said, "No Arie Jr. Jr.," and Arie added, "If it's a boy, no Jr. Jr. And [if it's a girl], no Ariel."

    Lauren also confessed to using a baby name app similar to Tinder that allows you to swipe right or left on names you like or don't like. She explained, "We have quite a list of names, yeah ... I'm at like almost 600 nos."

    Congrats again to the new family of three -- we can't wait for more updates!