Jenelle Evans Hits Kailyn Lowry With a Low Blow on Instagram

Jenelle Evans

Like any female with a large Instagram following, Jenelle Evans is using the social platform to sell her followers laxative tea. We mean Flat Tummy Tea. But come on, we all really know what that stuff is. Anyway, Jenelle couldn't just hawk the product on her page -- she had to throw some subtle shade towards costar Kailyn Lowry while she did it. 

  • Jenelle posted a new photo with the product to Instagram on Monday, after the long holiday weekend.

    We could probably all use some Flat Tummy Tea after Thanksgiving, to be honest, but it was Jenelle's comment that really got our attention. She added the caption "when @flattummyco gets you results this [fire] you can leave the tummy tucks to the other moms ...You girls know the flat tummy line is all I need to feel tight & toned -- grab a bundle and thank me later."

    Leave the tummy tucks to the other moms? Gee, who could she be referring to here?

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  • Just in case there was any doubt that she was talking about her Teen Mom 2 costar Kailyn, her husband chimed in in the comments. 

    A couple of years ago, Kail was very open about the fact that she had some cosmetic procedures done, including a tummy tuck, liposuction, and a Brazilian butt lift. 

    At the time, Jenelle had reportedly considered undergoing the knife but decided against it. She told Us Weekly about Kail's transformation, "She looks great, and I'm happy [for her] ... Whatever makes her happy. That's her choice. It's just not mine. It's her decision. It's her body. No one can tell her what to do."

    After the interview was released, Kail tweeted, "When your cast mates subtly throw shade at you it's cool though."

  • Fans are not here for David and Jenelle's shade-throwing ways though, and even brought up their recent alleged domestic dispute.

  • In October, a disturbing 911 call from Jenelle was released, in which she hysterically alleged that David had assaulted her and even "cracked" her collarbone. She later claimed that the entire thing was a "drunken misunderstanding," and she declined to press charges. 

  • Jenelle obviously looks great and has every right in the world to sell Flat Tummy Tea to her followers.

    But maybe she could do it without throwing subtle shade at her costars.